611.11 Readings in Transgender Issues

This one-credit Readings class will focus on the evolving political and legal rights and experiences of transgender people both historically and in the constantly changing political environment. Through readings and discussion, students and faculty will examine experiences of trans people in both the personal context and in the political context of the broader LGBTQ and re-thinking gender movements. Each class session will focus on different aspects of the experiences of transgender people, starting with an overview of transgender history, and discussion of legal rights in identity documents and employment. Subsequent sessions focus on health disparities and access to care, legal rights and restrictions in education, and legal needs of transgender elders. We will also consider transgender people’s experiences with the criminal punishment system and immigration. Students will write three short reflection papers focused on the class readings. The class will meet in eight, 85-minute sessions, meeting weekly starting on August 23 and ending on November 1, on Tuesdays from 10:55am to 12:20pm online. Three short reflection papers will be required. No exam or long paper is required.

Special Notes:

*Online Course

Fall 2022

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Ames Simmons
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