767.01 Advanced Legal Research Workshop

This one-credit fast-track advanced legal research workshop will provide students with hands-on research practice across a spectrum of topics, using assignments designed to simulate legal practice in a real-world setting. In addition to primary legal sources, students will practice using litigation documents and analytics products, statutory interpretation and legislative history materials, corporate and contract drafting resources, regulatory materials, interdisciplinary and data research resources, intellectual property materials, and legal history and jurisprudence resources. In-class exercises and take-home assignments will be based on current and recent legal disputes illustrative of those matters students are likely to encounter in practice. Ethical and efficient research methods will be emphasized. Students should come away prepared to tackle research in a variety of legal work settings, including law firm, court, or public interest practice. Successful prior completion of LARW or equivalent is required.

Special Notes:

Fast track – Meets 8-21 to 10-25

Fall 2023

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Jane Bahnson
Sakai site: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/LAW-767-01-F23
Email list: LAW-767-01-F23@sakai.duke.edu
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