611.55 Readings in Applied Law and Development: Corporate Law and ESG

This course will analyze the environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles underpinning the economic, social and legal aspects of international relations. To that end, the course will aim to define the ESG approach expected from an international corporate lawyer. What makes a law firm qualify as an ESG entity? Which criteria can be taken into account for a law firm to be seen as an ESG entity? What are the differences and similarities between the ESG standards in different countries and how are these differences assimilated in cross-border legal practice? Students will be evaluated on class participation, including participation in a simulated negotiation, and some writing. CR/NC.

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Spring 2024

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Reflective Writing
Class participation
Jose Carlos Meirelles
Canvas site: https://canvas.duke.edu/courses/29267
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Course Requirements - JD
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