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JD/LLM in International and Comparative Law

“This summer I had the chance to work on a potential IPO deal at a Beijing law firm. At the Duke Hong Kong Institute, I learned from professors from all over the world and had a truly unforgettable summer. If you’re looking to practice internationally, then there’s no question — the JD/LLM is a program you should be part of.”

— Ebosetale Okojie JD/LLM’13

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  • Portrrait: Prof. Ralf Michaels
    Arthur Larson Professor of Law

    Michaels is an expert in comparative law and conflict of laws. He has been a visiting professor at the Universities of Panthéon/Assas (Paris II), Princeton, Pennsylvania, Toronto, and the London School of Economics. Michaels has also held senior research fellowships at Harvard and Princeton, as well as the American Academy in Berlin and the Max Planck Institute for Private Law in Hamburg.

  • LENS Conference 2015 | Public v. Private: Intrusive Cyberactivities in the Age of Forever War

    The 2015 LENS Conference, Law in the Age of 'Forever War', focuses on the legal issues that accompany warfare in a time when technology, relationships between nations, and the abilities of non-state actors to affect the international stage, are all changing rapidly. Speakers address some of the difficult issues that have come to define modern law as it relates to warfare: targeting, surveillance, home-grown terrorism, intelligence gathering in the digital age, ensuring human rights and civil liberties. Moderator: David Hoffman, Director of Security Policy & Global Privacy Officer, Intel Corporation Professor Christopher Schroeder, Charles S. Murphy Professor of Law and Public Policy Studies Co-Director of the Program in Public Law, Duke Law School Erin Wirtanen, Office of the General Counsel, Central Intelligence Agency Greg Nojeim, Senior Counsel, Center for Democracy & Technology and Director of its Freedom, Security & Technology Project.

  • Laurence R. Helfer | Progress and Contestation in Combating Discrimination

    As marriage equality seems poised to take effect nation-wide in America within the immediate future, many advocates of LGBT rights are shifting their energies towards challenging other forms of discrimination faced by LGBT individuals, both domestically and internationally. Duke Law Professor Laurence R. Helfer presents a lecture on the current state of LGBT rights and issues across the globe, drawing from his own well-recognized work in international LGBT advocacy and human rights research. Co-sponsored by OutLaw, the Human Rights Law Society, and the International Law Society.

    Progress and Contestation in Combating Discrimination: A Global Perspective on LGBT Rights

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