Duke Law faculty, staff and students use Microsoft's Office 365 for email. The following information is designed to help the law school community make the best use of Office 365 and Outlook. Further information can be found on OIT's Office 365 pages. Note that our documentation below is being updated to match our current email software.

Outlook Web App can be accessed at:

Documentation Outlook Web App Outlook for Windows Outlook for Mac Mobile (iPhone, Android)
How to find people (contacts) OWA 2010 N/A N/A
How to set up forwarding OWA See How do I below N/A N/A
How to add a Gmail account N/A 2010 2011 N/A
How to configure an Exchange account N/A [Contact the help desk] 2011 Mobile
How do I do... N/A 2010 N/A N/A
How to take control of another account OWA [Contact the help desk] N/A Mobile
Viewing rooms availability for events N/A 2010 N/A N/A
Archiving N/A [Contact the help desk] [Contact the help desk] N/A


  • Academic Technologies has laminated instruction sheets for Outlook available at the help desk.
  • Online help is extensive. Click on the Question Mark just under the red "close window" X.

Your Email Identity

Frequently Asked Questions About Email

  • What is the format of LAW email addresses? Faculty receive both full name and last name addresses that deliver to their Exchange mailbox, e.g., and (wmiller because  Miller is already claimed at the law school). Staff members receive only full name addresses. The default for faculty members is the last name address; please let us know at the help desk if you would prefer to use your full name address.
  • Why aren't we using Google mail? The university reached an agreement with Microsoft to use Office 365 for our email service. The breadth of needs of the university and the health system made this the right choice.
  • Are there recommendations for mailbox size? We recommend no more than 10,000 messages in any one folder and no more than 50,000 messages total in your mailbox. Also, you should delete outgoing and received messages with large attachments; email is not the appropriate place to keep important files.
  • Are there limits to the size of the email messages I can send and receive? There is a 25MB size limit for any message coming in from the Internet and sent from Exchange. In practice, messages sent over the Internet will have a lower limit because attachments need to be encoded for transport (usually limiting the message size to less than 20MB). It bears noting that many if not most email systems impose a size limit similar to this (Gmail imposes a 25MB limit as well). If you need to send files that are larger, we can recommend better ways. Please contact the help desk for assistance (613-7072,