Classroom Equipment

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All webcasting is handled by media services staff in our central control room. To webcast a law school event, please see the instructions for event planning. Additionally, you may also want to review the law school recording policy.


All classrooms have at least a webcam and can support standards-based IP videoconferencing (H.323), Skype, WebEx and other forms of web conferencing. Most rooms have mics to capture voices at every seat. The law school no longer directly supports ISDN videoconferencing. If your videoconference requires H.323 or ISDN, please contact Media Requests ( well in advance so that they can help make arrangements for testing or ISDN bridging.

Document Camera

Photocopy a page from a book - or put the book itself under the camera. You can also write on a sheet of paper while displaying it. Note that the document camera may be permanently attached to the ceiling or in a drawer, or may require setup. In some rooms you may need to request access to a document camera in advance. In any case, Academic Technologies recommends scanning and putting the scanned images into a PowerPoint.

SmartBoard and SmartPodium

You can use special "pens" to draw on the computer image - great for marking up text or highlighting something on a Web page. Available in all classrooms larger than seminar size, as well as the Fite Training Room.

Personal Response System ("Clickers")

Educational Technologies has a set of 20 "clickers" and a USB receiver, from Turning Point Technologies. Instant polls can be set up using Turning Point's software (using Turning Point 2008 software). To arrange for the clickers for one class session or multiple, contact Media Services at

Video Camera

Academic Technologies has a number of digital cameras available for the use of the law school community for class-related projects as well as law school-sponsored events. Arrangements for borrowing the video equipment can be made by emailing Equipment is generally lent with the intent that it stays within the law school building.