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Using Electronic Bluebook at Duke Law — Updated February 2020

Technical Requirements:

Electronic Bluebook (EBB) is certified for PC computers running Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 as their operating system, or Apple MacBooks running OS X from version 10.8 up to and including Mojave (10.14). We have a special version for macOS Catalina (10.15); see below. Other operating system versions may be able to run the software, but have not been not fully tested with this version of EBB. EBB does not run under other operating systems such as Linux, Windows RT, iOS, or Android, and EBB does not run under any operating system emulator. EBB expects at least a 1024 by 768 pixel screen; if your screen is smaller, you may experience some difficulties in use (but note that buttons have keyboard shortcuts).

If you are using a non-English operating system, language settings and keyboard input settings must typically be set to "English" and "English-US" for some or all features of EBB to work properly. - For assistance with those settings, see our Windows instructions (Windows 7 here) or Mac instructions.

Your computer must be able to connect to the Internet during the exam, with either a wired Ethernet connection or a wireless network connection. EBB uploads the final version of the exam to a law school server; you do not need to use a flash drive or other media. If the network is not working, your exam instructions includes instructions on how to find the encrypted exam and email it in.

The download of EBB provided on this page is for use only by students in Duke Law courses, and will not work for EBB purposes at other institutions or at Duke's Sanford School.

Downloading and Installing EBB

(a) If you have an earlier Windows version installed on your computer, please remove it using Programs and Features (or Add/Remove Programs) control panel. Macintosh users can just drag the old version to the trash. You should download and install the new version well before your exam. You will want to have at least an hour to install and test the software, assuming you encounter no problems. Note that the help desk WILL NOT BE ABLE to help you install EBB before an exam because of limited staff and time.

Current versions are:

Windows: 4.01.0001 Expires Aug 31, 2020.

Mac OS: 2.07.0028, Expires Aug 31, 2020.

(b) In order to download the current software, please click here to go to the registration page, where you must log in with your NetID. The page will require you to verify that you have read and understand both this document and the Law School’s Procedures for Taking Exams on Computer, available on the web here. (Note: the most recent and accurate version of the Procedures is the one you receive from the registrar or proctor, should there be a difference with the version here on the website.) Once you verify that you have done so, you will be redirected to the page with the download links.

(b) If you are a student from another law school who does not have a Duke NetID or have other issues, please contact the help desk to obtain the software.

(c) macOS Catalina users should use this form to access the Catalina-only version of EBB (3.22):

(d) Windows laptop users with ultra high-definition (4K) screens: You must change your screen resolution to full HD (1920x1080) or lower resolution, and restart your laptop, then run EBB. If that does not improve your experience, please contact our help desk.

(e) Windows users: Download "ElectronicBluebookSetup_SP20.exe." If you are using IE you may select "Run the software." If you are using Firefox or another browser, save the file to a known location, then run the application to begin the installation. Windows Vista users: after you select the "Finish" button, the installation program will take a few more minutes to install components. Please let this process finish before trying to run EBB for the first time.

(f) Macintosh users: Download "ElectronicBluebook_SP20.dmg." Open the DMG (disk image) file, and then copy the "Electronic Bluebook" program into the Applications folder.

Before taking an exam with EBB

(a) You must test EBB to be sure it can save exams to our server by completing a sample exam (use 000_00) before the exam period; if you are successful, you will see a green screen after submitting. If you are unsuccessful submitting an exam, you should set any firewall program you are using to allow an exception for Electronic Bluebook. For Windows, the program you wish to enable is "ElectronicBluebook.exe." If you do not know how to adjust your firewall program or need further assistance, please see the help desk in the library.

(b) Start the program and practice using it well before you take an exam to familiarize yourself with the program. Test out every feature you are likely to use during an exam so that there are no surprises when you are writing the exam itself. Don't write an actual practice exam because there is no way to get text out of EBB onto your computer, and once you submit your text it is not retrievable. We suggest the following: i) start an exam (first time, unblocked, then next time blocked) with at least 2 exam questions and 5 multiple choice; type into each exam question, switching back and forth, adding underline and bold, cutting and copying text, running spell check on both a word and the whole answer, and adding a special character such as a section mark; mark the multiple choice options, and mark one question for later review (this is only available to you, not submitted with your answers).

(c) Before entering an exam room, check your computer's power settings on the control panel. Be sure that it is not set to go into "suspend" or "hibernation" during a period of inactivity. If it does go into either mode the EBB program may freeze your computer and you will need to force a restart of the computer. Under the worst circumstances, you may not be able to use it to complete the exam. Leave Wi-Fi on - this allows EBB to save a back-up copy of your exam to the server. Always bring your power cord!