Computing Equipment



Student Computers

Academic Technologies offers law students desktop computers, student loaner laptops and iPads, and networked printers for exclusive law student use. Fourteen iMac computers (7 running Windows, 7 MacOS) are located on Level 2 of the Law Library, in carrels starting with 2C1. (The carrel computers have been removed in anticipation of the repurposing of this space. Some number of computers will be redeployed in new carrels elsewhere on the 2nd floor.) All these computers include common software such as Microsoft Office.

Students can also use the public access computers at the front of the library on the third floor (12 Windows computers), as well as any of the library look-up and email stations throughout the library and outside classroom 3037. All the study rooms also contain a computer - 7 Windows PCs and 1 iMac.

Student Printing

The ePrint print release system printers are located on each level of the law library and outside the Student Records office and outside of the Law Library. For detailed location information, visit the printing information page.

Student Scanning

Networked scanners are available in the Library Document Production Room 3210.