LAWnet Frequently Asked Questions

I'm confused - I have a LAWnet address as well as Duke addresses. Do I have to check multiple mailboxes?

You only have one mailbox to check. Email sent to your LAWnet address and your Duke email alias(es) will be delivered to the same Office 365 inbox. Once you graduate, you can and should forward your LAWnet email address to another mail account since the Duke Office 365 inbox will go away one year after graduation.

Why do I have a LAWnet email address?

Your email addresses become inactive one year after graduation, and does not reflect your participation in the Duke Law community. LAWnet addresses provide that affiliation, and can continue beyond your first year as an alum.

I'm an exchange student. Do I have a LAWnet email address?

LAWnet email addresses are created only for regularly enrolled students in a degree program in the law school (thus not for exchange or visiting students). Another exception is made for those who have another local email address, such as a Fuqua or Divinity address. Regularly enrolled students can request a LAWnet email address if one has not been created for you. Incoming students should have their LAWnet address by the end of July.

What is my primary address, and what does it mean?

For those with LAWnet email addresses, the LAWnet address is primary by default. Duke directories show the primary address, and all email that is sent out from Office 365 will reflect the primary email address.

How do I change my primary address?

You can toggle whether your LAWnet address is your primary address here: (you must be on campus or using the Duke VPN to access this Intranet site). You must use this site and not the OIT Self-Sevice site to set LAWnet primary or not primary. Use the OIT Self-Service site to change your primary address among Duke email aliases.

Will a change in primary address be immediate?

Any change in primary address takes place overnight. The global address list may take a few days to update on your computer or handheld device, and that may make it seem as if you're still using your old address. (Note that the profile name in Outlook or other email applications may not automatically update, despite the fact that the email address has changed.)

I see I can also change my LAWnet address - any reason I can't change my LAWnet address to

Yes. LAWnet email addresses are meant to reflect the name and identity of the holder. We generally require at least a first initial and last name, but we do review each special request.

I am an owner or a moderator of a Duke Law email list, but can't access it any more since I changed my primary address (or: changed my LAWnet address to something new).

Please contact to have your new primary address added to the list; let us know if you want us to remove your old primary address at the same time.

Wait - I don't remember what lists I'm an owner or moderator for.

If you use an account that can send from your old primary address, send a plain-text message to with "Which" (without the quotes) in the body. Otherwise, contact with the old primary address and ask for the Duke Law email lists associated with that address.

I want to change my subscription to a Duke Law email list to my current primary address. How do I do that?

Send a plain-text message to with the following in the body of the message:
unsubscribe [list name] [old email address]
subscribe [list name]

For example:

unsubscribe StudentOrganization
subscribe StudentOrganization

What happens to the LAWnet address after I graduate?

After graduation, you have a year to change where your LAWnet email address delivers. While you are a student, it will always go to your Duke Office 365 account. After graduation, you can enter any address that you wish to forward to. But, if we have no address to forward to when your Exchange account is closed a year after graduation, your LAWnet address will become inactive. Don't let that happen!

I've graduated, but I still have a Duke Office 365 email account. I've forwarded my LAWnet email to another account, but some Duke email just sits in my Office 365 account. What gives?

LAWnet forwarding does not forward email that stays within Duke's Office 365 email system. You will need to set up forwarding in your Office 365 account to forward that email. Go to, log in, and go to Settings (click on the gear icon), then click on Options. Set up Forwarding. When your Office 365 account goes away, LAWnet forwarding will take over for all Duke email.

I've graduated and I don't think my forwarding rule is working with my LAWnet email address.

Note that you cannot accurately test forwarding from the target of the forward rule, i.e., don't try to test from your Gmail account if you forward to your Gmail account. If after testing from another address you are still seeing problems with email not forwarding, please contact . Thank you!