Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for Students

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for Students

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  • For information about Duke University’s campus-wide response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit Duke's Coronavirus Response website for the latest updates.
  • For information particularly geared toward students, please visit Duke's Keep Learning website.
  • Please do not plan to work in the Law School, effective immediately. If you are in the Triangle, you may return to the Law School before 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 16, and stay in the building only as long as necessary to pick up any textbooks or other materials you need for your coursework. After that time, access to the building will be restricted to faculty and staff. If you need emergency access to the building, you may email Student Affairs to discuss this. 
  • If you are away from Durham, please do NOT return to Durham solely to retrieve textbooks or other items from your locker. Please refer instead to the e-mail sent on March 13 concerning shipping items to you.

  • Zoom is a videoconferencing tool that many classes will be using to create a virtual classroom. Please download and test Zoom now, so that we can help you troubleshoot any problems.
  • Zoom Basics
  • Zoom Start Guide and Additional Information
  • Quick Zoom video tutorial
  • In most cases, you will be accessing Zoom through a link that your faculty sends to you, but if you have not downloaded the web browser client, you can also use
  • You can also find the Zoom app in the App Store for iPhones and iPads and Google Play store for Android. Note: Joining your classes via a laptop, rather than mobile device, is strongly recommended, so that you can follow presentation slides. When using the Zoom app, you should select sign in with SSO, using the company domain “,” which will allow you to log in using NetID.
  • Faculty have been asked to set classes to record as the default option and in most cases can provide a link to the recording if you are unable to participate synchronously. Some of you have mentioned concerns about having access to these recorded Zoom classes. The faculty understands these concerns and, if they haven’t already, most will move to making these recordings available to their students, with a few exceptions that relate principally to speakers and confidentiality or specific class pedagogy which faculty likely have shared with their classes. Some faculty are still working out the details of how best to share recordings with students, so if you are uncertain about availability of recordings in a particular class, please do not hesitate to ask your faculty member. In some cases, the Zoom recordings still may be slow to load, but will be available. Please contact your faculty member if you are unable to find a class recording; for technical issues, please contact the Help Desk. The Student Suggestion Box remains open for feedback about Zoom.

Your access to Sakai remains the same. You may find that your class relies on Sakai more heavily than it has in the past, or that you need to use features with which you aren’t already familiar. You can find specific tips and information for student users, including how to log in and navigate each course site, through Duke’s Sakai support.

You may already be familiar with Panopto from watching lectures when you had to miss a class. Many classes will use Panopto to give you access to recorded lectures. Look for a link to recordings from your professor or on Sakai.

  • Box is a file-sharing platform, much like Dropbox. In addition to sharing documents, it allows multiple people to edit the same document so that you can collaborate even while working remotely.
  • When you visit the Duke Box site, you’ll see a yellow “Log In” button; use your regular NetID and password (MFA will also be required).
  • Getting Started with Box offers an overview on how to upload content, collaborate on files, and edit documents within Box.

The Library has put together a web page with information on how to access library resources remotely. As this page indicates, through the Library’s efforts, West Academic is able to provide short-term access to textbooks online. The Library is expecting Carolina Academic Press and Wolters Kluwer to agree to do the same, so please check the resource page for updated information. If you are unable to access a particular text for a class, please contact for assistance. For other questions about access to library resources, contact the Reference Services Desk at