Just in Time Training


See something you like? Staff: Schedule us to come talk to your department - or you and other colleagues - about it. Faculty members: just let us know what you'd like to hear more about, and we'll schedule it.

Please contact us at the help desk at 613-7072 or helpdesk@law.duke.edu.

Topics available right now:

  • A/V
    - Using the new classrooms
    - Recording with DukeCapture (Panopto)
    - Free videoconferencing with Movi and Skype
    - Video editing basics
  • Collaboration
    - Using the right tool for the job
  • Exchange and Outlook
    - Scheduling meetings in Outlook
    - Finding people in Outlook
    - Managing Contacts
    - Using rules in Outlook
    - Using tasks in Outlook
    - Using shared mailboxes
  • Laptops
    - Strategies for successful backing up
  • Microsoft Word
    - Customizing Word
    - Using Styles in Word
    - Using Word for email and mail merging
  • Photoshop basics
  • Sakai
    - Creating Student/Instructor Conference Sign Up Sheets in Sakai
    - Grading without paper
    - Ways to conduct virtual office hours
    - Setting up a WordPress blog for your class
    - Drop box vs. Resources in Sakai
    - Communicating in Sakai: Messages, Email Archive, and Mail Tool
  • Secure web browser practices
  • Web
    - Qualtrics survey software basics
    - Web editing basics
    - WordPress blogging basics
    - Social media basics