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What does the Microsoft license with Duke mean to you?

Microsoft Windows upgrades and MS Office are free of charge for community members, with some notable exceptions. We explain our recommendations below. The Windows license requires that you already have a license for Windows or a recent Macintosh OS.

How do I acquire the software?

See below.

To whom do I turn with my questions?

Please contact the Academic Technologies help desk (at the service desk in the law library; 919-613-7072;

What kind of licenses are there?

All of the licensed software is available to Duke users while they are part of Duke. However, there are also circumstances under which users can acquire licenses that extend use beyond their stay at Duke.

How does the licensing work in practice?

Much of Microsoft's software is protected from piracy by requiring that a "key" be entered. In some cases, an institutional key is entered by Academic Technologies on the user's behalf; in the others, the user is issued an individual key. Newer software is in some cases available under a new "online activation" scheme – the software reactivates itself every few days for six months at a time, as long as the computer is on the Duke network. After half a year away from the Duke network, the software deactivates and loses functionality.

How is Academic Technologies supporting this license?

The following table represents our practices and recommendations.

Group Situation License Notes
Faculty and staff Office computer Fully covered Ac Tech staff installs and maintains
Faculty at home and travelling University-owned laptop or desktop Fully covered Ac Tech staff installs and will maintain (at law school)
Faculty at home Personal computer (if no university-owned computer) Covered as resources allow Ac Tech staff installs as resources and time allows. You may wish to use the At Home program described for staff.
Staff at home Personal computer Office applications covered under MS At Home Program ($9.95); Windows upgrades are not available through this program

Contact the help desk, or

go to this website  and follow the links for Microsoft Office. As a staff member you will be directed to the Office at Home program web page:

Students Personal computer Download via the OIT software pages. Also available at a small cost with a purchase of a CD from the computer store If you do not have a personal key and are leaving the law school soon, you will want to acquire the personal licensed version (aka the graduation copy through OIT or the disk version available at the computer store). You must make the purchase before you graduate.