Network Access - Wi-Fi and Wired



Wireless networking using the Wi-Fi (also known as 802.11a/g/n) standard is available throughout the law school building. Duke's secure Dukeblue wi-fi network is available to all Duke community members with a valid NetID. Please see for an installer to facilitate joining Dukeblue. There is also a Visitor wi-fi network available to all Duke visitors. For additional information about options for visitors, click here to download our guide.

Classrooms, the Goodson Law Library and many other locations offer wired Ethernet network connections. An ethernet cable (unshielded twisted pair) is required to connect.

DukeBlue - Wireless Connectivity

Go to OIT's Wireless page to access the secured DukeBlue wi-fi network, and also learn more about options for devices that cannot authenticate to DukeBlue.

DukeReg - Network Registration and Authentication for Wired Ethernet

To use the wireless network you must authenticate with your NetID.

  1. Open a web browser and it will automatically open the DukeReg authentication page (otherwise enter )
  2. Enter your Duke NetID and password in the indicated spaces and select the Submit button.
  3. Once authenticated and after filling in any required fields, you should restart your computer to allow a new IP address to be assigned.

Following restart you may freely browse the Internet and use other network applications. For more detailed information, please visit OIT's network access page.