Non-Law Student Printing

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Printing for non-law Duke students, Duke faculty and staff, and visitors

Where can I print from?

Everyone can use the public access computers at the front of the reading room of the library to print. Duke faculty, staff and students from outside the law school can also install printer drivers on their own computer to print from there. See below for more information.

*Update - May 2021* - The public access computers are not available due to the pandemic.

Where can I print to?

Once you've followed the steps to print to ePrint-LAW-BW, and subsequently entered your NetID or the copy card number from the back of the card, you can go to any of the 7 printers located outside of the library to release your print job. The job will not print until you do so.

What do I need to be able to print?

Non-law faculty and staff members need their DukeCard or Mobile DukeCard. Non-law students and visitors need a copy card that has cash value on it (printing requires $0.04 per sheet of paper, whether double-sided or single). The copy card can be purchased at the DukeCard machine on the second floor beside the vending machines.

How do I install the LAW B&W ePrint drivers?

Click on the link below to go to the download page: