End of Year - Class of 2016


Updated April 19, 2016

Information About Your University NetID Account

You keep your NetID and Duke email account for one year after graduation. However, your status is changed to "alumni" very soon after graduation, which affects your ability to access some services using your NetID.

Lifetime Email Addresses

Duke Law is committed to maintaining your LAWnet address, as long as there is an address to which we can forward. Currently, your LAWnet address is integrated with your Duke Office 365 account. You can leave it that way until shortly before your NetID is deactivated. But don't wait too long! As soon as your NetID is deactivated, your Duke Office 365 account will stop accepting email and all incoming email messages will bounce back to the sender.

The Duke Alumni Association now offers you a lifetime email account that is much like your Duke email account (but it uses a @alumni.duke.edu email address). To learn more and create the Alumni account, visit the Duke alumni website. It will not send email with your LAWnet address as From address, but you can forward any email sent to your LAWnet address to the Duke Alumni email account.

We will send you a reminder near the end of your first alumni year to update LAWnet so that it will continue to function. Or you can make the change any time after graduation.

To update your LAWnet address to outlive your Duke Office 365 account:

1. After graduation and before the year is out, go to the LAWnet site and log in with NetID:


Enter an address to which to forward your email.

2. Log into Outlook Web App and set up fowarding there as well, since LAWnet forwarding does not affect email that originates and stays within Duke Office 365 (which Duke email will until your account is deactivated).

If you do not set up forwarding before your NetID is deactivated, the only other recourse will be to activate a LAWnet address using OneLink, an alternate authentication service being rolled out by Duke. However, it is not yet possible to use OneLink with LAWnet, so please do not wait to set up your forwarding!

Access to Licensed Software

Your ability to download licensed software ends immediately after graduation. If you did not install a "graduation copy" of Office or Windows from OIT, your version may stop functioning within 6 months after you leave Duke. If you have not done so, download a "graduation copy" from the OIT licensed software website:

https://software.oit.duke.edu/comp-print/software/license/detail.php?id=184 (If you don't get the proper page after logging in, come back to this link and click on it again)

Note that you can also get a permanent license and media from the Duke Technology Center (after presenting your DukeCard) for $15 EACH for Windows 8.1, Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows or Office 2011 for Macintosh. (Note that these are not the current versions of software from Microsoft.) Please note that you can only get one copy of each type of software and only before you graduate.

Don't be disappointed - get the software before graduation!

Printing in the Law School

Your student ePrint account is terminated after graduation. You can continue to use eprint by buying a printing card from the device on the 2nd floor next to the vending machines. Use the code on that card instead of your netid when printing to the ePrint system. Each printed sheet of paper, whether printed on one side or two, costs $0.04. Please follow up with the help desk if you need to print as a research assistant or for other ongoing reasons.


Your access to Sakai continues as long as you have a NetID, although individual course sites may be made unavailable by instructors or staff.


You can keep your Box account as long as you have a NetID. Before the NetID expires, you can transition your Box account to a "personal" account.

Microsoft OneDrive

You can keep your OneDrive account as long as you have a NetID, although mobile access may be limited after graduation. See OIT's FAQ on OneDrive for Business for more information.

Accessing the Duke Network

You should be able to continue to access the Duke wifi network. If for some reason, you are no longer able to do so, you can connect to the Visitor network, though that network will not give you access to resources licensed only to Duke community members. You should be able to continue to use the Duke Virtual Private Network (VPN) for remote access to Duke resources after graduation. Please contact the help desk for further details and assistance.

Accessing Library Databases and Other Resources

The following link contains important information about access to resources available through Duke Law. Please contact the Law Library reference desk for further information and assistance.