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Updated May 3, 2019

Information About Your University NetID Account

You keep your NetID and Duke email account for one year after graduation. However, your status is changed to "alumni" very soon after graduation, which affects your ability to access some services using your NetID. Duke's Office of Information Technology (OIT) maintains a web page that describes how services change upon graduation and when the NetID is deactivated. Note that we anticipate being able to offer an extension beyond one year after graduation for 2019 graduates. You will be contacted through your Duke email address with information regarding that in late April or early May 2020.

LAWnet Email Addresses

Academic Technologies recommends using the forward function in Outlook on the Web ( if you prefer to receive your email at another account. Outlook forwarding allows you to keep a copy in your Duke email account so even if the forward fails you will be able to see the email. LAWnet forwarding, described below, does not allow you to keep a copy.

While your NetID is still active, you can choose to forward your LAWnet address to a non-Duke email account, i.e., you might choose to forward it to a Gmail account. If you use the special LAWnet forwarding described below, your LAWnet address will not expire when your NetID does. By contrast, your email address and your Duke Office 365 email account will stop accepting email when your NetID is deactivated. However, we do not recommend setting up LAWnet's special forwarding until shortly before your NetID is deactivated.

If you do choose to forward your LAWnet email address away from Duke, please note that changes in email systems to reduce spam and phishing emails are affecting auto-forwarding arrangements like LAWnet (and even Outlook's forwarding function). Emails from some senders and to some forwarding destinations will fail because the forwarded email will appear to be "forged" by Duke's email system. At present, we do not believe we can remedy this problem and we assume it will only get worse as email systems become more strict. We therefore recommend you give out a non-forwarding email for important senders. If you have distributed your LAWnet address, please consider moving your correspondence to a different non-forwarding email address during the year after graduation.

The Duke Alumni Association now offers you a lifetime email account that is much like your Duke email account, except that it uses a email address. To learn more and create the Alumni account, visit the Duke alumni website. It will not send email with your LAWnet address as From address, but you can forward email sent to your LAWnet address to the Duke Alumni email account.

We will send you a reminder near the end of your first alumni year to update LAWnet so that it will continue to function. Or you can make the change any time after graduation.

To forward your LAWnet address away from your Duke Office 365 account:

1. After graduation and before your NetID is deactivated, go to the LAWnet site and log in with NetID:

Enter a non-Duke email address to which to forward your email.

2. Log into Outlook Web App and set up fowarding there as well, since LAWnet forwarding does not affect email that originates and stays within Duke Office 365.

Access to Licensed Software

Your ability to download licensed software ends immediately after graduation. If you do not download a "graduation copy" of Office or Windows via the OIT software site before graduation, your version may stop functioning within 6 months after you leave Duke. In order to download a graduation copy, go to: (If you don't get the proper page after logging in, come back to this link and click on it again)

Don't be disappointed - get the software before graduation! If you do miss the deadline, your only recourse is to license Office 365 yourself. Prices are not unreasonable:

Compare Office 365 subscriptions (choose the Home tab)

Printing in the Law School

Your student ePrint account is terminated after graduation. You can continue to use eprint by buying a printing card from the device on the 2nd floor next to the vending machines. Use the code on that card instead of your netid when printing to the ePrint system. Each printed sheet of paper, whether printed on one side or two, costs $0.04. Those who are in the building for bar review courses or other law school-related needs can have their printing privileges extended. We will be extending printing access for students who extend their door access. See the Computing Helpdesk for more information.


Your access to Sakai continues as long as your NetID is active, although individual course sites may be made unavailable by instructors or staff.


You can keep your Box account until your NetID is deactivated. Before the NetID expires, we recommend syncing or downloading all files to your local computer. Alternatively, you can change your Duke Box account to a personal account (for the free level, up to 10GB of files; max file size 250MB). Contact the OIT service desk to inquire about the process. In any case, you should consider using a cloud storage service to keep your documents safe.

Microsoft OneDrive

You can keep your OneDrive account until your NetID is deactivated, although mobile access may be limited after graduation. See OIT's FAQ on OneDrive for Business for more information.

Getting Your Email Out of Your Duke Office 365 Email Account

There are two basic ways to do this: a) copy your email to a local archive file on your computer, or b) copy your email directly to another email account. For a), the simplest way to do this is to open your email in a Windows Outlook or Mac Outlook (not Outlook Web App). On Windows, create a new Data File under Account Settings and copy all the email folders you wish to keep to that new PST file. On Mac, export the contents of your email account (as an OLM file). Many email clients will import PST files (fewer will read OLM files). The copy or export process will take quite a while. For b), set up an email client, such as Windows Outlook or Mac Outlook (not Outlook Web App), to access both email accounts (Duke Office 365 and Gmail for instance). Copy folders from Duke Office 365 to the other account. This process is likely to take a very long time. Please contact the Academic Technologies helpdesk to discuss your best options. You will need to know what software you are using to access your Duke Office 365 account and what target email account you are thinking of.

Accessing the Duke Network

You should be able to continue to access the Duke Wi-Fi network. If for some reason, you are no longer able to do so, you can connect to the Visitor network, though that network will not give you access to resources licensed only to Duke community members. You should be able to continue to use the Duke Virtual Private Network (VPN) for remote access to Duke resources after graduation. Please contact the helpdesk for further details and assistance.

Accessing Library Databases and Other Resources

The following link contains important information about access to resources available through Duke Law. Please contact the Law Library reference desk for further information and assistance.