Global Leaders Scholarship Program Application Instructions

To apply for the scholarship, you must complete all admissions requirements for your selected degree program as well as additional requirements for the scholarship.


Scholarship Application Process

1.Intent to Apply Form

All scholarship applicants must complete the Global Leaders Scholarship application form and send it to Duke Law School via email or fax. 

2. Application

Apply to your chosen degree program:

3. Global Leaders Scholarship Essay

In addition, you must submit an essay explaining why you should be considered for the scholarship. Please submit this essay with your application to your selected degree program, using the “Miscellaneous Addendum” attachment in the LSAC application process.

Important Dates to Consider
    All scholarship application materials must be received by Duke Law School on or before JANUARY 22, 2016. Please note that the LSAC’s processing of letters and transcripts may take several weeks, so these materials must be submitted well in advance of the deadline.
    Applicants to the JD program must take the LSAT exam no later than December 2015; the deadline to register to take the exam in China is November 2015 (the registration deadline to take the LSAT in other countries may be different).
    It is recommended that you register for the TOEFL exam several weeks before you intend to take it in order to reserve a seat, and that you allow a minimum of six weeks for your score to be transmitted to Duke Law School. This means you should try to take the exam no later than December 2015.