Applying for Financial Aid

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How do I apply?

Financial aid at Duke Law typically comes in two forms - Scholarships and Loans. The timing and process of applying for each are outlined below. 

Institutional Scholarships (new students only)

  • Upon being selected for admission, applicants can apply for a scholarship by submitting the Duke Law Scholarship Application Form as well as any other required applications.
  • Forms, instructions, and requirements are emailed to applicants and are posted on Admitted Student Website.

Federal Loans

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after it becomes available in October.  When doing so, please make sure to include Duke University's school code - 002920.
  • In the late spring/early summer, Duke Law will use your FAFSA to construct a financial aid package that includes the federal loans for which you are eligible. At that time, you will be sent an Official Aid Notice via email that includes your award package and instructions for accepting, declining, or modifying your loans in DukeHub.
    • If you are borrowing federal loans for the first time since beginning at Duke Law, you will also need to visit to complete Entrance Counseling. 
    • You will also complete a Loan Agreement (MPN) for each loan type (i.e. Direct Unsubsidized and/or Graduate PLUS) if this is your first time borrowing that specific loan.
  • In some cases technical issues may prevent us from receiving your FAFSA. Please email our office if:
    • you have not received your financial aid package by the time you receive your fall semester bill
    • you file a FAFSA after the first day of class

Private Loans

  • To apply for a private loan, you must first select a private lender. To help you with your selection process, the Duke Student Loan Office has created a Recommended Private Lender List. You are not required to borrow from any of the lenders on this list.  If you choose to borrow from a lender outside the Recommended Lender List, we will be happy to process it for you. Duke University will not discourage, refuse or delay certification.
  • Once you've determined the type of loan and amount you'd like to borrow, you must:
    • Email that information to our office. We will then add that loan to your financial aid package in DukeHub for you to accept.
    • Complete the application process and obtain approval with your private lender.

Please note both these steps must be complete for your loan to be certified by the school.

External Scholarship Opportunities

We strongly recommend that you take advantage of external scholarship opportunities and services. The internet is a valuable tool to use in search of scholarships from organizations outside the Law School, such as non-profit, civic, and faith-based organizations. The Office of Financial Aid also maintains a running list of applicable external scholarship opportunities. Additionally, we recommend that you perform searches through local and state Bar Associations.