AIDS Clinic Readings

Spring 2015

First Class is Monday, January 12, from 3:15 until 5:05, in room 3171. Attendance at the first class is mandatory. Readings will be placed in your mail folder before class. Also see readings schedule below.

Each student must schedule a 30 minute meeting with the clinic faculty during the first week of classes. Times are available on January 8 and 9. Link to the google-docs sign-up sheet here:

Course Materials:

All the course readings and forms are contained in the Clinic Binder, which you will receive at the first meeting. First class readings will be placed in your mail folder.


Note that because we need to start case assignments in the second week of the semester, Drop/Add for clinics ends on Thursday, January 15. If you have any thoughts of dropping the clinic, please speak with Carolyn McAllaster as soon as possible.

Out of Class Activities:

First Week of Classes

Second Week of Classes:

  • Computer/Case Management Software Training: You will need to be trained in our case management software, Clio. This will take place outside of classes.
  • Training Sign-up
  • Encryption Sign-up [link coming soon] (you must have your laptop encrypted if you want to use Clio or work on client documents on your own laptop.
  • Clinic Intensive: Friday, January 23, 9:00 - 5:00. This session is mandatory. We will provide a light breakfast as well as lunch. The day will include a visit to the Duke Infectious Disease Clinic.

Road Trips

  • Road trips provide students with the opportunity to meet with clients in areas outside of the Triangle. Students always feel that these trips are a high point of the semester. The trips are a great way to help you quickly gain confidence and experience. All travel and client time is counted toward your clinic hours. For each trip, one of the Supervising Attorneys takes a group of about 3-8 students to interview new clients and to prepare and execute advance directives such as a Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, Standby Guardianship Designation. We also do intakes for Wills. We encourage you to sign up for at least one road trip during the semester.
  • February 6: Winston-Salem
    February 13: Greensboro
    March 5 (Thursday): Greenville

Other information

Unless otherwise specified, readings are from the Clinic Binder

Journal Memo

  • JOURNAL DUE DATES: Journals are due every other Monday. Due dates:
  • 1/19, 2/2, 2/16, 3/2, 3/23, 4/6, plus final journal due before end of semester
  • Clinic Course Requirements



Week Event/Class Readings Assignments


Individual meetings/orientation with Carolyn, Allison & Hannah
January 8 and 9.  Please sign up on the google doc below

Sign-up Sheet


Turn in forms received in mail folder:

  • Outside Employment Form
  • Initial Skills & Interests Inventory
  • Student Experience & Interest Form
  • Confidentiality Form

CLASS: Monday, January 12
Course overview, HIV 101, Stigma, Health Disparities

First Class Materials received in Mail folder

Office Quiz/Scavenger Hunt -- work on this during office hours (due 1/30)
3 Monday, January 19,
MLK Holiday - no class


Office and supervision meetings begin this week

There's no class, but there is reading and a quiz due Monday 1/19:

MONDAY: Journal 1 due -- email to Allison, Carolyn, Hannah by midnight

Wills Quiz -- Submit to ALLISON, via email by midnight.


Friday, January 23 -- Duke Clinics Intensive, 8:45 - 5:00

Morning: Joint Session with all clinics,

Lunch (provided) - Breakout session #1

1:30-2:30 - Visit to Duke Infectious Disease Clinic

Afternoon: Breakout Session # 2


  • Documents: Wills & Advance Directives
  • Intake procedures - 2 page intake

3 Week of January 26




CLASS: Monday, January 26: Disability - Introduction & Interviewing



Clinic Binder - Social Security Law Section


Simulated Documents Interview -- times scheduled Week of January 26

Sign up sheet in Google Docs

Sign-up for a time to interview your "client," who will role-played by Allison, Carolyn, or Hannah. The interview will be recorded. You will get immediate feedback from your "client." Then you will watch the recording and do a self-evaluation to be turned in at your next weekly meeting. You will need to bring all intake forms to the "interview."


Jacob Whiteside interview (with Carolyn as interviewer). Try to take a look at this before your first interview.

  Friday, January 30


Quiz due by noon:

Advance Directives Quiz, Submit to CAROLYN, via email

4 Week of February 2


Office Quiz-Scavenger Hunt submit to Carolyn by 5:00 pm Monday 9/15

MONDAY: Journal  2 due -- email to Allison, Carolyn, Hannah by midnight


CLASS - Monday, February 2: Documents explanation; charting medical records

You will explain drafted documents to your "client," played by Allison, Carolyn, or Hannah


  • Documents Explanation exercise:
  • Review prepared documents & be prepared to answer your client's questions. Review wills and advance directives materials as needed.

Friday, February 6

Tentative -- Road Trip - destination TBA


Social Security Quiz

Due at noon. Email to Hannah

5 Week of February 9    

Monday, February 9 -- Disability 2 & Standby Guardianship
.Steps 4 & 5, SSA File.

  • Readings/Assignment:

Disability Readings
pp. 43-54 -- Disability Protocols;

Review: Tom Bush Social Security Practice, Chapter 1, pp. 110-125  part 1 , part 2

Disability Forms Section,

  • p. 3-7, Disability Checklist
    Browse Social Security Forms.
  • Social Security Law Section,
  • p. 16, 20 CFR 404.1545 Your residual functional capacity,
  • Vocational Materials in Clinic Binder
    -Social Security Readings section, pp. 127-141
    -Social Security Law Section:
  • Introduction to "Grids" (20 CFR Pt 404, Subpt P, Appendix 2), starts on p. 49, Look at Grid tables
  • Regulations, pp. 17-23

Friday, February 13

Tentative - Road Trip

  SBG Quiz due -- e-mail to Carolyn by noon
6 Week of February 16   MONDAY: Journal 3 due -- email to Allison, Carolyn, Hannah by midnight

Monday, February 16
- Review SBG Quiz;

Disability 3

  • From the Clinic Binder

Discrimination/Confidentiality Overview:

N.C. Gen. Stat. 130A-143 (Confidentiality)
N.C. Gen. Stat. 130A-25  (Enforcement)

Tort Law:
Privacy: Hall v Post.
HIPAA consumer summary;
HIPPA Privacy Rule detailed summary (Lengthy - browse if interested)
HHS Office of Civil Rights - Health Information Privacy Enforcement Examples Involving HIV


Disability assignment due in class
7 Week of February 23    

Monday, February 23
CLASS - Theory of a Disability Case

In this class, we will work as a group to develop a theory of a disability case. You will review a client file and apply the five step sequential evaluation.



  • Client disability file - saved in Clio under the "case" "AIDS Training"
  • Review Social Security disability listings, grids, vocational materials, and law to consider possible theories for the client's case.
  • Helpful references:
    -20 CFR 404.1526 Medical Equivalence (Binder, SS Law Section, p. 9)
    -POMS - Medical-Vocational Terms, Physical Limitations, Mental Limitations, (Binder, SS Law, pp. 85-103)
    -Components of the Definition Trailer (Binder, Social Security Readings, pp. 190-96)
  • We will organize our discussion around the five steps.

In preparation for the class you must review and take notes on the client file. You will complete the five-step sequential evaluation for the client, and turn in your analysis before class.


Bring your notes to class to facilitate discussion

  Sunday, 3/1   by Sunday, 3/1, 5 pm - Prepare one page memo on the case/issues you will present & save in Clio to the "Training" case
8 Week of March 2    

Monday, March 2 -- Case Rounds


Case notes Memos posted by your colleagues



MONDAY: Journal 4 due -- email to Allison, Carolyn, Hannah by midnight

  Mid-Semester Self-Assessment Before Break please submit your mid-semester self-assessment. When you leave for break, please make sure your files are in order and you have informed the supervising attorneys of any matters that need to be dealt with in your absence  

Spring Break
March 9 - 13

  by Sunday, March 12, 5 pm - Prepare one page memo on the case/issues you will present & save in Clio to the "Training" case
10 Monday, March 16 -- Case Rounds


Read memos posted by your colleagues

11 Monday, March 23 CLASS TBA MONDAY: Journal 5 due -- email to Allison, Carolyn, Hannah by midnight
12 Monday, March 30 Class TBA  
13 Monday, April 6



MONDAY: Journal 6 due -- email to Allison, Carolyn, Hannah by midnight

Monday, April 13

Thursday, April 16 (Monday classes meet on last day of classes)

  Final Class -- DATE TBA
Food provided
Wrap up and feedback
  Final Journal Due 24 hours before Exit Interview

End of Semester, Check-out, Exit Interview:

Office hours end when classes are over. You must complete your work before the end of exams. You can "check out" of the clinic when you have

  • Logged 100, 125, or 150 hours (depending on your credits), AND
  • Finished client projects

Schedule your Exit Interview when you have finished all client work & hours
At least 24 hours before the Exit Interview, turn in:

  • Updated Skills Inventory
  • Final Journal
  • Final time

At the Exit Interview, turn in:

  • Case Check-out forms
  • Final Check-out form
    Computer Check-out Certification