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Welcome! These materials are assembled for Duke Law Students working in the Health Justice Clinic as well as the general public. They cover legal and medical issues important to people with HIV/AIDS and their advocates.

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AIDS/HIV Medical Issues

Medical Research

HIV Medical Information Generally

Medication Adherence

HIV and Cognitive Impairment

HIV and Fatigue

HIV and Mental Illness

Medical References

  • Merck Manual: Extremely comprehensive medical manual; provides helpful medical background on countless medical conditions. This is more text than dictionary.
  • HealthFinder: Site operated by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Includes links and references concerning a wide range of health topics.
  • Duke Medical Center Library Online: Links to a variety of medical research tools.
  • Wide range of medical articles written for laypersons, on subjects including diseases, treatments, diagnostic tools
  • Lab Tests Online: information about a wide range of diagnostic tests
  • Medical Pictures: A wide variety of medical pictures that may help you understand your client's medical conditions

Information about particular disorders or body systems

Drug Information


  • The federal government site providing access to a full range of disability-related issues, including income, civil rights, housing, etc.

Social Security Disability

Government Publications and Sites

Laws, regulations, operating procedure

Disability Evaluation



Working while on Social Security Disability

Information especially for advocates

Disability Web Sites

  • Tom Bush web site: Excellent website of the author of Social Security Disability Practice, James Publishing
  • Disability Doc: Excellent resources on a wide range of disability topics, by Keith R. Holden, M.D. Kept current.
  • Legal Information Institute - Social Security Materials . Extensive links to a variety of resources on Social Security, including statutes, regulations, treatises, etc.
  • Social Security Online Course: Spring 2008 by Peter Martin of Cornell Law School. A thorough overview of the Social Security Program, as well as a source for links to online materials, including statutes, regulations, treatises.
  • Social Security News, A blog maintained by Charles Hall, a disability lawyer in Raleigh, and author of Social Security Disability Practice.
  • Social Security Secrets: A publication of Michigan Advocates Exchange. A readable, down-to-earth guide for people with HIV/AIDS who are applying for disability benefits. Helpful even for lawyers and other advocates.
  • Social Security Advisory Service: Privately run site with a variety of information and links.

Short Term Disability - Taking Time Off for Health Reasons

Privacy/Confidentiality of Medical Information

North Carolina Laws Governing Confidentiality of HIV Status

Human Rights

Southern Exposure: HIV and Human Rights in the Southern United States, Human Rights Watch, November 2010


Civil Rights Generally

Federal Law

HIV in the Military

North Carolina Law

Public Health

North Carolina Public Health Law

Advance Directives

  • North Carolina Secretary of State Advance Directive FAQs
  • North Carolina Statutory Form Documents - These are forms that are set out in the North Carolina Statutes. They meet the requirements of North Carolina law, but can be adapted to fit individual needs:
    Health Care Power of Attorney (MS word) (pdf)
    Living Will (MS Word) (pdf)
    Advance Instructions for Mental Health Treatment (MS Word) (pdf)
  • North Carolina Minimum Provisions of Patient's Bill of Rights - Each hospital is required to have a Patient's Bill of Rights that contains at least these rights. It includes the right for a patient to designate non-family members who have the right to visit the patient in the same manner as family members.
  • President Obama's Memo on patient visitation, April 15, 2010, Directs the Secretary of Health and Human Resources to require hospitals receiving Medicaid or Medicare to permit patients to designate non-family-member visitors with full visitation rights.
  • American Bar Association materials on Advance Health Care Directives and End of Life Planning

Health Care and Insurance

Government Health Insurance Programs


Prescription Drug Benefit (Medicare Part D)

Medicare generally


Private Health Insurance

Public Benefits Information

North Carolina Public Benefits


HIV and Immigration

Other Sites

Other HIV/AIDS Law/Policy Sites