Duke Law Firm Challenge FAQ

Is the Law Firm Challenge new? Yes, and no.  A smaller version of the Law Firm Challenge existed a few years ago as a pilot study, but it only involved a few offices in Washington, D.C.  For the majority of our alumni in law firms, the Challenge was new experience in 2013 in which 113 law firms and almost 1400 alumni were invited to join.

Do other law schools have a Law Firm Challenge?
Yes.  In fact, a majority of Top 20 law schools have a version of the Law Firm Challenge.  There are probably non-Duke colleagues of yours at the firm who have a similar initiative going on right now with their law school.

Is this a one-year effort?
No.  We hope that, as with many of our peer institutions, the Law Firm Challenge becomes an annual part of our development programming.  The 2013 Challenge was very successful and we look forward to raising the bar in 2014.

What is the duration of the Law Firm Challenge?
The 2014 Law Firm Challenge will begin near the end of February and conclude on June 30, 2014, coinciding with Duke’s fiscal-year end.

If I’ve already made a gift to the Law School during the current fiscal year, will it count toward the Law Firm Challenge?
Yes.  Any gift of any amount made to the Law School between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014 will be counted toward the Law Firm Challenge.  The gift may be made to the Annual Fund or any other Law School gift designation. 

If I made a gift to another school or unit at Duke University, but not to the Law School, will it count toward the Law Firm Challenge? 
No. Gifts must be designated toward the Law School to count for the Law Firm Challenge. 

What law firms are participating in the Law Firm Challenge?
Any firm with 5 or more alumni is invited to participate in the Law Firm Challenge.  A full list of firms will be posted on the Law Firm Challenge website.

How will I know how my firm is doing? Participation results will be updated regularly on the Law Firm Challenge website.  

Does the size of the gift impact the Law Firm Challenge results? 
No.  The goal of the Law Firm Challenge is participation.  No dollar amounts will be listed or shared, only participation percentages.

Other Questions?
Contact Bill Turner, Senior Regional Director, Office of Alumni and Development, at 919-613-7163 or william.turner@law.duke.edu.