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Duke Law Annual Fund

As the most extensive and inclusive giving opportunity at the Law School, the Annual Fund supports the School in its entirety, ensuring success in both day-to-day operations as well as the administration of long-range programs and academic initiatives. The Annual Fund provides essential, unrestricted support that can be directed to wherever needs are most pressing at any given moment, including faculty research, student organizations, financial aid, library resources, and important initiatives of the dean. Dedicated to everything it takes to provide Duke students a stellar legal education, the Annual Fund is a vital source of steady and adaptive support.

Annual Fund Giving.


Alumni in classroom during reunionProviding law students their first opportunities to evolve what they know into what they can do, Duke Law clinics offer invaluable real-world experience that also serves the community. As they work outside of the classroom on a variety of substantive issues, second and third-year clinical students deepen their practical knowledge, strengthen problem-solving and lawyering skills, and begin to develop professional identities, all while providing important legal services that help underserved communities. Duke's Clinical Program includes the AIDS/HIV and Cancer Legal Project, Appellate Litigation, Children's Law, Community Enterprise, Environmental Law and Policy, and Wrongful Convictions. Support of the Law School’s clinics has direct impact not only on the education of Duke students but on the people served by these critical social projects.

Duke Law Clinics

Faculty Support

In the increasingly competitive landscape of higher education, Duke Law School understands the imperative of recruiting and retaining outstanding scholars and teachers. Because we believe there is no resource more valuable to our program than the people who represent and advance it, the Law School is constantly seeking strong-minded, collaborative individuals to become part of the renowned intellectual community at Duke. Once here, these faculty members continue to need various kinds of assistance as they perform meaningful scholarship and translate their research into policy and law. Alert to the escalating costs of sustaining excellence, the Law School pledges its ongoing support of a world-class faculty.

Faculty & Scholarship

Financial Aid

Whether in the form of scholarships designed to attract top students to Duke Law or loan forgiveness to graduates pursuing careers in public service, financial aid is a focused investment in the future of the Law School. When judged by measures of academic excellence, reputation, and overall educational environment, Duke Law scores exceedingly well. Inevitably, though, students facing higher tuitions and future personal debt now look carefully at the various financial packages a school offers. Duke Law utilizes financial aid responsibly and strategically to attract the best students and, through the Loan Repayment Assistance Program, to alleviate debt burden on students who choose work on behalf of the public good as defenders, prosecutors, or policy advocates.

Financial Aid Initiative

International LLM Scholarship Fund

Duke Law School has an outstanding LLM program for foreign law graduates. LLM students add vitality to the Law School community, contribute a comparative perspective to classroom discussion, and share their widely varied professional and cultural backgrounds in settings both in and outside the school. One of the Law School's goals is to promote opportunities for interaction between LLM and JD students. Competition for the most talented LLM students increases every year as new LLM programs proliferate and other law schools keep increasing their scholarship awards. At the same time, scholarship assistance from overseas foundations, governments, and law firms is far less than it was five or ten years ago. In order to maintain the high quality of students in the LLM program, it is essential that Duke is in a position to offer scholarships to the most talented applicants, both those with outstanding credentials and those with the most need.

Duke Law's LLM Program

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