Lifetime Email

Duke Law will maintain your LAWnet address, as long as there is an address to which we can forward. Currently, your LAWnet address forwards to your Duke Exchange account. At any time after graduation but during your first year as an alum, you can use our LAWnet site to set up forwarding to a different address.


Please note that if you do not provide an address (other than your Exchange account) to receive your forwarded email during your first year as Alum, your LAWnet address will be deactivated when your Duke Exchange account is. If that happens, you will need to activate a LAWnet address using the means available to all alumni (though at the time of this writing this service is not yet available to other alumni). Academic Technologies will send a reminder a few weeks before accounts are due to be deactivated.

The Duke Alumni Association (DAA) now offers a lifetime email account to Duke alumni. For information on how to sign up, visit the Duke Alumni Association website.