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Class of 1960

Join us April 17-19, 2020, for your 60th reunion!  It promises to be a fun and enriching weekend full of opportunities to mingle with friends and classmates, attend educational sessions highlighting our outstanding faculty, experience tours of interesting places around Duke University and Durham, and enjoy a festive dinner with your class.


Alumni in bold indicated they planned to attend.  Official registration will open in Feb. 2020.  Please contact Kelly Marcolini at 919-613-7214 or kelly.marcolini@law.duke.edu with any questions.

John Beard
Robert Bell
Barstow Brownson
James Buck
Bert Davis
Ed Hardin
Eugene Harris
Joel Keiler
Dave Lundquist
Nicholas Lyras
Bill McLean
Robert Meenen
Marvin Moore
Rich Otter
Wade Penny
Robert Rudas
Jack Seltzer
William Shebey
Marty Svolos
Dick Weidman


Classmates no longer with us:

Mr. Ralph J. Barry Jr.
Mr. Richard E. Cooley
Mr. Don Ross Craft
Mr. Robert C. Crawford
Mr. Richard Robert Crooke
Mr. Wiley J.P. Earnhardt Jr.
Mr. Donald K. Easterly
Mr. Stanley E. Faye
Mr. Gerald R. Gibbons
Mr. Rufus S. Hill Jr.
The Honorable Thomas H. Lee
Mr. Robert D. Marshall Jr.
Mr. William G. Munns
Mr. Ronald L. Palmer
Mr. Joseph Martin Parker Jr.
Mr. Jay Thomas Rouland
Mr. Allen G Siegel
Mr. John Crispin Soich
The Honorable Maynard Francis Swanson Jr.
The Honorable Newton C. Taylor
Mr. John Charles Thompson
Mr. Edward Thornhill III
Mr. George Hunter Warlick