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Class of 1970

Join us April 17-19, 2020, for your 50th reunion!  It promises to be a fun and enriching weekend full of opportunities to mingle with friends and classmates, attend educational sessions highlighting our outstanding faculty, experience tours of interesting places around Duke University and Durham, and enjoy a festive dinner with your class.


Alumni in bold indicated they planned to attend.  Official registration will open in Feb. 2020.  Please contact Kelly Marcolini at 919-613-7214 or kelly.marcolini@law.duke.edu with any questions.

Steve Ahlquist
Howie Alpern
Ted Baer
Terry Black
Thomas Boyd
Vic Cavanaugh
Colin Clark
Jean Carr Coker
Richard Cunningham
John Dawson
Richard Dickinson
John Edwards
Rodney Eshelman
Buck Ferguson
Leon Fetzer
Don Frederick
Jim Frenzel
Julie Gaisford
Jim Gobert
Maurice Hall
Jim Hasson
Hal Hedrick
David Hough
Jeff Hurt
Tom Ingoldsby
Mark Johnson
Brenda Carlson Kinney
Ernest Klainguti
George Krouse
Ken Kuehnle
Jeff Lapic
Al Larson
Larry Lawton


Michael Leahy
James Martin
Bill McCollum
Steve McLaughlin
Bill Murray
Winston Nagan
Chuck Neely
David Nisula
Joseph Olson
Carolyn McCue Osteen
Mike Pearlman
Drew Petterson
Steve Porter
William Reamer
Bill Robinson
James Rowan
Mack Rudisill
Bob Shenkin
Rod Snow
Ken Socha
Lynn Southam
Bill Stevens
Bruce Stewart
Dick Stokes
Bill Sumner
Carson Taylor
George Thompson
Joe Tieger
Sue Ellen Utley
Allen Walker
Ed Weber
Dave Wyckoff
Bill Zaino


Classmates no longer with us:

Mr. Michael J. Byrnes
Mr. Alexander Copeland III
Mr. Eugene E. Derryberry
The Honorable Paul Mitchell Glenn, Jr.
Mr. Glenn R. Haase
Mr. Earl W. Haffke
Mr. Keith K. Hilbig
Mr. Maurice L. Jenks III
Mr. Daniel Parker Jr.
Mr. Roger G. Thurston III
Mr. Robert F. Weaver Jr.