40th Reunion: Class of 1974

What a fun reunion weekend! Thank you to the 29 members of the Class of 1974 who joined us in Durham for their 40th reunion. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with your classmates, professors, and others in the Duke Law community.

We would like to recognize the following members of the Class of 1974 who have supported their reunion class gift with a gift or pledge to the Law School.  Alumni giving is crucial to providing the necessary resources to move Duke Law School forward – as a leader in legal education, in the legal profession, and in our community, nation, and world. 

You too can join this list of generous alumni by making a gift on our secure giving site.

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For more information about reunion giving, contact Halley Bogart at (919) 613-8572 or halley.bogart@law.duke.edu.

Alfred G. Adams Jr.
Edna Ball Axelrod
John Philip Bailly, Jr.
Susan Elizabeth Barco
Joel K. Belway
William Philip Bennett
James Wilson Berry, Jr.
Charles Edward Binder
Thomas Watson Black
William Pomeroy Borchert
John Michael Bremer
Colin W. Brown
David L. Buhrmann
Evelyn Omega Cannon
Candace M. Carroll
Robert Phillips Cochran
Philip Gary Cohen
Curtis Lynn Collier
John A. Decker
Gordon Bartle Dempsey
James Clifton Drennan
Raymond Craft Dryer
James Robert Eller Jr.
Stuart Franklin Feiner
Richard H. Freed
Fred William Fulton
James Garfield Good
Donna Coleman Gregg
Robert Edgar Gregg
James C. Hardin III
Robert Forest Henderson
David Richard Hillier
L. Lynn Hogue, Ph.D.
David Edward Horvath
Eric A. Houghton
Ronald Robert Janke
Jerry W. Jernigan
Mark D. Kaufman, Sr.
Robert Tilford Kofman
Craig Douglas Leister
Edward John Lesniak
Jay Jordon Levin
James J. Locher
David William Lowden
Ronald Moore Marquette
Kenneth Wayne McAllister
Edward A. McDermott Jr.
S. Lynn McLain
Thomas E. McLain
John Roberts Moffat
Philip Harby Moise
Rory Robert Olsen
Steven Donald Pierce
David Russell Poe
Charles Richard Rayburn Jr.
Russell Bachman Richards
William Lang Rosenberg
Irwin Neal Rubin
Ira Sandron
Peter Frederick Schenck
Richard Eric Teller
Jean Ellen Vernet, Jr.
Patricia H. Wagner
Peter David Webster
Thomas William Winland
Jonathan Alan Zimring
Frances Anne Zwenig

Donors from July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014


Reunion Committee


Mr. C. Richard Rayburn, Jr.
Mr. Thomas W. Winland


Mr. Philip W. Boesch, Jr.
Mr. John A. Decker
Professor Donna C. Gregg
Mr. Robert Edgar Gregg
L. Lynn Hogue Ph.D.
Mr. Craig D. Leister
Mr. Philip H. Moise
Mr. Irwin Neal Rubin

Interested in joining your reunion committee? Contact Halley Bogart.

Classmates no longer with us

Mr. Donald David Anna
Mr. John Vincent Dwyer Jr.
Mrs. Durant Williams Escott
Mr. Theodore James Esping
Dr. Johnnie L. Gallemore, Jr.
Mr. James William Harris
Mr. Paul Lendon Lassiter
Mr. William Page Montgomery
Mr. Kenneth E. North
Mr. Stephen Lewis Parr
Mr. William George Powell
Mr. Stuart M. Sessoms, Jr.
Mr. Andrew  Shaw
Mr. Phil Sloan
Mr. John Cowles Tally
Mr. Michael Charles Tice