Reunion Participation Challenge

One of the priorities for the Law School reunion program is to increase the number of alumni who philanthropically support the school.  Last year, 23% of alumni provided a charitable contribution to support our students, faculty and programs.   This lags behind schools with whom we compete for the best students and faculty. 

Duke University Provost, Peter Lange, has challenged us to increase the Law School’s alumni participation.  A $200,000 Challenge Grant has been established to provide student scholarships in honor of each reunion class between 1963 and 2003.  The goal is simple – each class that reaches their participation goal by June 30, 2013, will have a $25,000 scholarship awarded to a law student in its honor.  The student will retain the Scholarship for his/her three years of law school.

Why is Supporting Duke and Duke Law Students Important?

  • Did you know that Duke Law School provides some form of scholarship or grant assistance to nearly 80% of its student body?   This amounts to $10 million a year and 20% of the school’s operating budget.  And, this is only possible with alumni donations.  We need your support to continue providing financial aid to our students.
  • Did you know that the Law School Annual Fund provides the financial bridge between tuition revenue and the actual cost of a Duke Law education?  Last year, this current use fund provided the equivalent support to the school as $46 million of endowment.  The Law School simply cannot function without our Annual Fund supporters.
  • Did you know that your reunion gift can support any area of a legal education that is of interest to you – it might be the Annual Fund, student scholarships, student fellowships, clinical program or faculty research. Each gift counts towards the Reunion Challenge participation goal and each gift matters!

Your participation is critical to our success!  Make a gift today!

Class Participation Goal FY'13 Participation
(as of June 28, 2013)
Class of 1963 65%  65.5%
Class of 1968 55%  44.8%
Class of 1973 40%  33.5%
Class of 1978 50%  41.0%
Class of 1983 45%  31.9%
Class of 1988 40%  30.6%
Class of 1993 30%  18.3%
Class of 1998 30%  15.4%
Class of 2003 30%  15.6%