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Comments from past Appellate Litigation Clinic students about their experiences:

“Arguing before the Third Circuit was the highlight of my Duke Law career. . .  I’m so incredibly proud of the work we did.”

“Between the strong camaraderie and the intellectual rigor, no single experience has made me so excited to begin my career as a lawyer.”
“To work on this complex appeal alongside such a talented team was a rigorous, rewarding, and meaningful endeavor.”
“The opportunity to brief an appellate case with team members, engage with clients, and witness the evolution of an appellate case was a rich learning experience that gave me insight into the world of appellate work.”
“Collaborating on [the] case with such a great group throughout my 3L year changed the way I think and write about the law, and it helped me appreciate the valuable contributions lawyers can make through pro bono representation. It's tough to summarize just how much I learned. It was easily one of the very best experiences I had in law school.”
“[The experience] has absolutely been the highlight of my law school career. It's so hard to both measure and express all that this clinic has taught me and meant to me.”
“The opportunity to dive so deeply into niche areas of the law in such a tight-knit group is one I will truly cherish.”
“My teammates really worked hard and we put the brief together as a team. This whole year has been really remarkable — being able to see a federal appeal from beginning to end, from the beginning of the research, going through the record, the briefing process, through today [oral argument in the D.C. Circuit] is really a unique opportunity.”
“Standing in front of the Fourth Circuit was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. I had spent so long preparing for the argument and I was having such a good time conversing with the court that I was sad to see it end.”
“It was an honor to be part of the team that worked on this case. . . . I think we learned lessons that will last our entire careers.”
Regarding her experience arguing in the Fourth Circuit: “Nothing can top it. Honestly this has been the best experience in law school.”