JD/MBA & Accelerated JD/MBA

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In collaboration with the Fuqua School of Business, Duke Law School offers the opportunity to pursue a JD/MBA dual degree. Candidates apply separately to the Law School and the Fuqua School of Business and receive independent admission decisions.

Students admitted to the JD/MBA program complete both degrees in four years. Some choose to spend their first year at the law school, and their second year at Fuqua, and take classes from both during their third and fourth years. Others reverse the order of the first two years of study, beginning at Fuqua and then completing the first year of law school.  Students and faculty affiliated with Duke Law School and The Fuqua School of Business have many opportunities to collaborate on issues at the intersection of law and business. Most students are particularly ambitious and focused in this area.

Course of Study

The JD/MBA can be completed in four years, rather than the five it would take to complete each degree separately. Applicants who receive offers of admission from both schools prior to matriculation at either school generally begin the JD/MBA in the JD program. JD/MBA students may begin their MBA studies after either one or two years in the JD program.

Accelerated JD/MBA option

Typically, JD/MBA students will complete both degrees in four years (eight semesters) of study. However, with careful course scheduling, some students are able to complete their JD/MBA in three and a half years (seven semesters). Students who pursue this option are attracted by the opportunity to get a head start on their entry into the job market. There's no need to commit yourself to the accelerated JD/MBA option during the application process; you can explore the possibility during your first year of study at Duke.

JD/MBA Careers

JD/MBA students have a wide range of career options, whether they choose to pursue legal practice informed by a deeper understanding of business and finance, work in finance or management drawing on their legal expertise, or some other combination of the two disciplines. Three summers for both legal and business employment and internships allow students to gain experience in both fields. And they can take full advantage of the resources and advice of both Duke Law's Career Center and the Duke MBA Career Management Center.

Business and Finance at Duke Law

Submit a JD application to the Law School and indicate your intention to apply for the dual degree on that form. Concurrently, submit your application to the Fuqua School of Business for the MBA. Follow their directions to indicate that you are also applying to the Law School.

It is also possible to matriculate into one degree program at Duke and apply to the other during the first year of study.

Each school will complete its normal application review process, and you will receive separate decisions for each degree. These processes run on different timelines, so you are not guaranteed to receive the decisions at the same time.

If you are admitted to both degrees, you may choose where to begin your studies at Duke. Please be sure to notify the schools of your decision so that they can manage their classes appropriately.