My Work on Copyright

The Relations of Reproduction -- Times Literary Supplement
Foucault in Cyberspace
"Sold Out"  New York Times
Intellectual Property Policy On-Line: A Young Person's Guide
A Politics of Intellectual Property: Environmentalism for the Net?
A Theory of Law and Information: Copyright, Spleens, Blackmail and Insider Trading

Copyright Basics

Terry Carroll - Copyright FAQ and Copyright Resource Page
U.S. Copyright Office, FAQ
Copyright Basics: The Library of Congress

U.S. Copyright Statutes

Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Pending Copyright Legislation
17 USC Title 17 - Copyrights (Current as of 01/05/99)
Title 37 Code of Federal Regulations

Selected Copyright Cases

Copyright Treaties

U.S. Copyright Office, WIPO Copyright Treaty
U.S. Copyright Office, WIPO Documents
U.S. Copyright Office, WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty
U.S. Copyright Office, WIPO Document "Recommendations Concerning Databases"
U.S. Copyright Office URRA, GATT Amendments
Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (GATT/TRIPS)
EU Database Directive
Berne Convention, as revised

Highly Recommended Collections on Copyright

Berkman Internet Center at Harvard Law School
(General information, current cases, open code project, open law project, Napster, DVD/DeCSS)
Larry Lessig's Home Page
Yochai Benkler's Home Page
Pamela Samuelson's Home Page
Jessica Litman's Home Page
Julie Cohen's Home Page
Stanford University Libraries: Copyright & Fair Use
FindLaw: Legal Subjects: Intellectual Property: Copyright: Primary Materials - Laws and Government Documents


Articles/Speeches/Testimony/Performance Art

Negativland, Negativworldwidewebland
Negativland, Essay on Fair Use | For an example of Negativland's work you could try...
Negativland, The Forbidden Single "The Letter U and the Numeral 2"   (How many different intellectual property issues does this song present?)
Testimony from hearing on Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure
Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure (The White Paper)
The Debate on the White Paper
WIRED 4.01 - White Paper - By Pamela Samuelson
Public/Private and Copyright Reform in Cyberspace
Copyrights in Software
WIRED 2.03: The Economy of Ideas
SUL: Copyright & Fair Use: Articles and Publications

Copyright Organizations