Financial Times Columns

Text is Free
open publishing

Breaking the Deal
music copyright

State Intervention for Me..
nationalizing patents?

Under the Long Tail
the reality of disintermediation

Closed Mind / Open World
cognitive biases about property

Prometheus Bound
high tech antitrust

Constitutional Circumvention
Jefferson, meet webcasting

Turning Concepts into Things
Educational computers?

Supersize My Rights
fair use & film

Cultural Environmentalism
the ecology of mind

Google Commie?
Is indexing theft?

2 Database Cheers for the EU
evidence and IP #2

Web's Never to be Repeated Revolution
Would we kill the web, today?

A Webcasting Right?
Is a very bad idea

Geeks in Software Patent Frenzy
as Europe considers new rights

Deconstructing Stupidity
Why is IP policy so bad?

Does Public Information Want to be Free?
There's evidence, and it is surprising

A Natural Experiment ?
Evidence and IP #`1

Give me Liberty & Give me Death?
Can open source thrive?

Bipolar Economics
Smart state/dumb state

The Apple of Forbidden Knowledge
iTunes. larceny or competition?