Thank You

Dear Friends, 

Dean David F. LeviThank you! June 30 marked the conclusion of Duke Forward, the university-wide fundraising campaign that began publically on July 1, 2012. We raised over $132 million, surpassing our initial goal of $85 million by more than 50%, making this by far the largest campaign in our history. 

The powerful, positive effects of this campaign on our Law School will be felt for many, many years. Just to take two of the most salient areas of progress, during the campaign we endowed 71 new financial aid funds and 13 new professorships. These are huge accomplishments.  

A campaign like this succeeds only when many participate and there is widespread confidence in our future and heartfelt gratitude for our past. The devotion of our alumni to the Law School is in turn a reflection of the devotion of our faculty and staff to the students and graduates who attended Duke Law over many years. We all deserve thanks and should all draw inspiration from this outpouring of support and enthusiasm for what we can be in the years ahead.

Please accept my most sincere gratitude for all that you have done and will do for Duke Law. We have a very special community of faculty, staff, students, graduates, and friends. Thank you for doing your part.


David F. Levi
Dean and Professor of Law