Employment Opportunities

There are many different ways to identify potential employment opportunities. The list below contains links to some sources for identifying opportunities. Additional resources for a job search, including more information on types of legal jobs, how to search for jobs, and traditional letter writing, can be found on the Professional Development page.

Investigating Summer Opportunities
There are a variety of professional opportunities available to students during the two summers of law school. Law firms, public interest organizations, government agencies, judges, and professors in need of research assistants all hire law students

On-Campus Interviews: Much hiring of Duke students is facilitated through Duke Law's extensive on-campus interview program (OCI). Here is an overview of the basics of Duke's OCI.

Symplicity: Symplicity is the web-based recruiting system and job bank used not only for the OCI process but also for job postings and resume solicitations for non-OCI employers. This provides an overview of Symplicity and a link to the system.

Additional Employers: At Duke Law School, we are fortunate to have a robust on-campus interview program. However, the even the hundreds of employers that participate in Duke OCI represent only a small fraction of the thousands of legal employers available to you. Below are lists of employers in some of the geographic markets that are popular destinations for Duke Law students. These are employers that do not participate in Duke OCI, but are reputed among students to provide great summer and post-graduate employment opportunities.

Job Fairs: The Law School facilitates student participation in many different job fairs throughout the year to give students opportunities to engage with a variety of employers. Here is a list of some of the job fairs Duke students attend.Each year NALP collects information on career fairs for publication online. The current list is available on NALP's website.

Diversity Opportunities: Here is a list of some of the diversity scholarship and fellowship opportunities available to 1L students throughout the year.

Judicial Internships: Many law students interested in Judicial Clerkships after graduation may be interested in doing a judicial internship after their first year.

Types of Summer Jobs and How to Find Them: Depending on your career interests, there are several types of employers that hire law students for the summer.