Conducting a Thorough Job Search

Each person should conduct his/her own job search. This means understanding your own personal goals and desires, and then learning about the nature of the job and your career options. It is to your advantage to know as much as possible about the myriad potential career paths available to you during your law school summers and upon graduation. On-Campus Interviews (OCI) may be one element of your career search -- to rely solely upon OCI is to limit your possibilities.

Learn more about Conducting a Thorough Job Search in the Duke Law Career Planning Manual.

Aspects of every job search: There are two major aspects to every job search, (A) developing an understanding of yourself and the jobs that appeal to you, and (B) applying for and getting those jobs.

Letter Writing: Letter writing is highly recommended in many situations.

How to Identify Potential Employers: Most Duke students find positions for summer employment by pro-actively writing letters to organizations of interest, responding to job postings, contacting family and friends, and making a hard and creative effort. First-year law students begin as early as December 1, sending or emailing letters to employers.

Additional Career Search Resources: Here is a list of websites that might be helpful to you. There are many others out there. Some are helpful to identify employers, some to seek networking opportunities, and others actually list either summer jobs, permanent jobs or both.