Aspects of Every Job Search

While we expect thirty employers to recruit first year students on campus during spring OCI and several hundred employers to recruit second and third year students on campus during the fall, you will have a broader variety and a better chance of securing a position that truly suits you if you conduct a thorough search yourself. Your interests and the results of your networking should help you identify particular legal areas on which to focus. Next, you should begin creating a list of potential employers with whom you would like to work.

Make your list using the following resources:

  • Contacts you have made via networking
  • Organizations that will be interviewing Duke students on campus
  • Organizations that announce openings through the Career Center via Symplicity.
  • Online job searches (See the Job Searching Resources section that follows)

How long should your list be? Some students send out hundreds of letters. Some send out three. To start, it is probably worthwhile to make a relatively short list (10-20) of firms and organizations that appeal to you for specific reasons. The more thoughtful your research, the more likely it is that your targeted employers will be interested in you.

As you are making your list, you may want to jot down what catches your eye for each organization. For those that interest you, do a little more research. Use Lexis and do a quick search in the newspapers and journals sections to see if you can find any articles about the organization. Real stories will help you decide whether this organization will be a good fit for you.