How to Identify Potential Employers

Martindale-Hubbell Directory:
The Martindale-Hubbell Directory is one of the most comprehensive resources for information on law firms of all sizes and on individual lawyers. Available online, this Directory provides information about the educational backgrounds, professional affiliations, and sometimes practice specialties of individual lawyers at different legal employers. You can do an advanced search to identify law firms in a particular city by size, practice area and more. This is one of the more comprehensive listings of lawyers, law firms and legal employers. However, it does not contain job postings or information on whether a particular employer hires students in the summers. You can also link directly to a firm or legal employer's website from the Martindale-Hubbell Directory.

NALP Directory:
This large book and website profiles hundreds of law firms, large non-profit and governmental organizations. The online version allows for mail merging, searching, and offers other useful tools. This directory is a smaller subset of the employers listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Directory, so it should not be considered an inclusive listing of all employers in a particular region.

On-Campus Interviewing (OCI):
During the spring of your 1L year, and the fall of your 2L year a small number of employers will participate in the On-Campus Interview (OCI) program hosted by CPDC to assist you in locating employment for the summer. We strongly encourage that you do not rely solely on OCI, but that you utilize all the career searching resources in order to maximize your career opportunities.

1L Spring OCI:
A small number of firms interested in hiring first-years will interview on campus in February. Typically, 20 firms come to campus. Other firms will send information soliciting resumes directly to CPDC. However, these law firms represent only a small subset of the firms nationwide that may be looking for first-year summer associates.

Job Postings on Symplicity:
In addition to OCI, both public and private sector employers solicit resumes from law students for summer jobs through our office; these postings are generally on our Symplicity site which can be accessed through our website or through Symplicity. It is worth noting that there are many, many employers who do not post positions but who do hire law students. So, as with OCI, it is a mistake to rely solely on posted jobs through Symplicity or elsewhere. Positions with law professors will be listed on Symplicity in the spring as well, though you should also approach professors directly if you are interested in working with them.