Creating a Resume

The first procedural step in your job search is preparing your resume. To the right you will find links to a number of sample resumes. Once you've completed a draft resume, make an appointment to see a counselor in CPDC who will help you fine-tune your resume to best reflect your experiences and your goals.

Before you begin drafting your resume, consider how to best "sell" your experience and credentials. Achievements in school, research and writing, public service, work experience, the arts or sports, or languages are all of great interest to potential employers. Whether you have worked for many years or recently graduated from college, your presence at Duke Law School means you have great achievements to include on your resume. Ultimately, your resume will be impressive enough to motivate a complete stranger to want to meet you, and later to hire you.

You should assume that a reader will spend no more than 30 seconds on the initial scan of your resume; thus, it should be neat, error-free and extremely easy to read.

How Your Resume Works for you:

  • Gives you the opportunity to paint a self-portrait highlighting your accomplishments and unique attributes.
  • Gives you your first opportunity to make a favorable impression on a prospective employer
  • Format of a Great Resume:
  • Your resume should fit on one page. (Information on second pages is often overlooked or lost.)
  • You resume should present materials succinctly.
  • Resume section of the Duke Law Career Planning Manual.