Career Paths

Your optimal professional path culminates at the intersection of your strongest abilities and your most passionate interests. Having successfully completed your first year of law school, you are likely beginning to find your passions- or at least rule some out. Now is the time to focus these interests and build the related expertise that will enable you to take the first steps along your career path.

Determine Your Path
Revisit the self-assessment you conducted last year. Have any of your goals or priorities change? What additional information have you learned about yourself or the practice of law that influences your career objectives? What have you done in the past year to advance toward your employment goals? What will you do this year? Continual re-evaluation of your abilities and values will keep you on the most direct path to accomplish your goals.

Understand Your Market
Even the most passionate and qualified student will struggle to find employment if she does not understand the needs and priorities of potential employers. The Career Center, and the greater Duke Law community, provide abundant resources to help you familiarize yourself with the realities of practice and determine your personal best entrance to the legal profession. For more information, review the resources assembled below and attend the many panels and networking events hosted at the Law School each year to meet and speak with practicing attorneys in a variety of specialties.

Private Practice
Public Interest and Government
International Paths for 2L Students