Screening interviews may take place on campus (OCI), via telephone, at a job fair, and in various other formal and informal settings. The typical screening interview is a 20 to 30 minute meeting with 1 or 2 interviewers. Public sector employers sometimes conduct only one round of interviews, therefore be aware that your initial interview may be your only meeting before the employer makes a decision.

Almost all legal employers will require one or more interviews, either in person or over the phone, before offering you a position for the summer. As a result, the interviewing stage is critical in the hiring process. While some students may feel more self-conscious than others about the prospect of talking with prospective employers, all students can master the art of the interview with proper preparation. Generally law school interviews do not have any questions directed toward determining your knowledge of "the law."

On-Campus Interviews: Frequently asked questions regarding on-campus interview schedules.

Meeting the Employer: The first few minutes of the interview are very important.

Following Up After Screening Interviews: Frequently asked questions about the next steps after your screening interview.

Call-Back Interviews: The call-back interview is an opportunity for both you and the employer to further explore whether there is a mutual interest in an employment relationship.

Expenses and the Reimbursement Process: What are reasonable interview expenses? There is not a comprehensive list of acceptable expenses, but here are some parameters to follow.

The Offer of Employment: You should acknowledge an offer of employment within 24 hours of receiving it.