On Campus Interviews

The following are frequently asked questions about on-campus interview schedules:

When is my interview? Your interview date or time may change based on adjustments to the employer's schedule. Remember to confirm the date and time for each interview by checking Symplicity on a regular basis throughout the interview season. Each year a few students inadvertently write down a wrong date or time and miss an important interview.

How long are on-campus interviews? On-campus interviews are typically twenty minutes. Some employers choose to conduct thirty-minute interviews.

What should I do at the time of my interview? Plan to arrive at the interview room at least five minutes early. Knock once on the door at the scheduled time to announce your arrival, and every two minutes thereafter - this is very important as it helps the interviewers stay on schedule. Wait until your interviewer comes out to greet you before entering the room, unless you are invited to enter.

Can I miss class for an on-campus interview? Students should not miss class for on-campus interviews. As a condition of participating in the on-campus interview program, each student must enter his or her entire class schedule as "unavailable times" when "bidding" for interviews and must keep the "unavailable times" schedule current as the student's class schedule changes during the drop/add period at the beginning of the semester.

The Career Center is authorized to suspend bidding and interviewing privileges for students who do not properly enter their class schedule as "unavailable times" until such schedule is properly entered. Missing a class for an on-campus interview will be treated under Rule 3.8 in the same manner as missing class for any other reason.

  • What happens if my class schedule changes and I suddenly have an interview conflict? If a last-minute change in your class schedule results in a conflict, update your unavailable times in Symplicity and contact Camesha McAllister as soon as possible. Given enough notice, we will try to change the time of your interview.
  • Can I drop an interview once schedules are final? Once schedules are final, there are only three qualifying "Excused Absences." These are:
    (1) Extreme illness or death in the family and notification to the Career Center as soon as practical.
    (2) Acceptance of an offer of employment and notification to the Career Center prior to the time of the interview. Accepting an offer of employment will result in cancellation of all remaining interviews.
    (3) Notification to the Career Center in accordance with its "Advance Cancellation Policy" provided in the Appendix of the Career Planning Manual.
  • What is the wait list? If you do not receive an interview with an employer that you bid on in the initial lottery, you can choose to join that employer's wait list. By joining a wait list, you are affirmatively expressing your interest to interview with that employer in the event that an open slot becomes available on the employer's schedule. You will be expected to attend any interview assigned to you from the wait list. Students will be notified via e-mail at least one day before the scheduled interview, and are expected to attend the interview. This use of the wait list helps to optimize the number of opportunities available to each student.