Employment Opportunities

Many Duke students seek post-graduation employment throughout their 3L year. Entry-level hiring occurs at all times during the academic year and beyond, with some employers hiring in late August and others not until spring or even after the bar exam. Work closely with the Career Center team and review the materials assembled below to organize and plan your job search so that you are prepared to seek out and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

  • On-Campus Interviews: Much hiring of Duke students is facilitated through Duke Law's extensive on-campus interview program (OCI). Here is an overview of the basics of Duke's OCI.
  • Symplicity: Symplicity is the web-based recruiting system and job bank used not only for the OCI process but also for job postings and resume solicitations for non-OCI employers. This provides an overview of Symplicity and a link to the system.
  • Job Fairs: The Law School facilitates student participation in many different job fairs throughout the year to give students opportunities to engage with a variety of employers. Here is a list of some of the job fairs Duke students attend.Each year NALP collects information on career fairs for publication online. The current list is available on NALP's website.
  • Judicial Clerkships: Duke puts a great deal of emphasis on judicial clerkships because of the remarkable training students receive; often offering the most rewarding and varied work a young law graduate can find. Further, the bond that develops between judges and clerks can lead to a lifelong mentorship or friendship with many benefits.