Post-Graduation Career Paths

Public Interest & Government: Public interest organizations, such as the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Public Defender Offices, and Legal Aid Offices, are popular employment choices for students. These positions offer unparalleled practical experience for law students, and provide the intrinsic value of working for an organization that promotes justice by representing individuals, groups, causes, or issues identified as traditionally under-represented or unrepresented in our society.

Academic Careers: Duke Law School students and graduates increasingly seek careers in academia. In recognition of this fact, the Law School has put in place a number of programs aimed at current students, including a student scholarship colloquium and spaces for interested students at faculty workshops.

International Paths for 3L Students : A growing number of Duke students pursue a range of careers overseas either immediately after graduation or after a few years in the U.S. These positions range from short-term fellowships to permanent associate positions with overseas offices of U.S. law firms, clerkships with international tribunals, and occasional in-house positions.