Career Counseling

The Career & Professional Development Center staff are available to provide general assistance to alumni who are seeking jobs. Typical alumni support includes general counseling about goals and directions; advice on how to initiate and conduct a search; suggestions for opportunities to consider and potential contacts; feedback on resumes; advice on how to position professional experience as strongly as possible; interview preparation; evaluating opportunities; and more. Please note: The Career Center does not maintain lists of current openings (beyond what employers post on the Symplicity job board) and the Law School is not in the position to serve as a headhunter or to seek out openings on behalf of experienced professionals.

Call or email the Career Center Coordinator at (919) 613-7031 or to get access to various resources or to make an appointment to speak with a counselor.

Alumni Career Support

The Duke Law alumni community provides peer support and resources for alumni in career transitions. In addition to the direct counseling and career resources available through the Career Center, the Duke Law Alumni Career Link program provides an opportunity for confidential alumni-to-alumni brainstorming and advising, as well as connections to a Regional Career Network of alumni who have offered to assist and be a resource to other alumni in geographic, career, and other professional decisions.

  • Duke Law Career Link: To receive the log-in information for the Duke Law Career Link page, contact the Alumni & Development Office at or 888-LAW-ALUM. From there you will be able to submit a form and resume for review by a team of Duke Law alumni, as well as find contact information for alumni across the country who have volunteered to assist fellow alumni with questions about specific regions.

Duke Law School is not able to serve as a headhunter and does not have information on current openings beyond what employers have chosen to post on the Symplicity job board for graduates.

Academia and Clerkships

If you are contemplating a career move to academia or interested in pursuing clerkships opportunities, these resources may be of interest to you:

Job Postings Online

The Career Center Coordinator can provide you with the password to access Symplicity, our online job bank. You can set up a free email account to ensure private communication with potential employers by going to

Also, check Bridgestar for opportunities in the nonprofit sector.


The Career & Professional Development Center seeks alumni volunteers to serve in a variety of capacities, including as mentors, mock interviewers, and panelists and presenters at professional development programs.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to, and include a short statement of interest.

Other Resources

Career & Professional Development Center

Room 2015

Box 90367
Durham, North Carolina

(919) 613-7031 phone
(919) 613-7231 fax


Alumni Directory

Make and maintain career contacts with Duke alumni from all schools (not just the Law School) via the Duke Alumni Association website.