Interview Programs

Duke Law students have been charting their employment course and laying the foundation for their job search since the first day of law school. Our students are counseled closely to define their goals and to think about their skills, knowledge and passions and how they can fit into a fulfilling professional life. The CPDC offers several opportunities for employers to engage Duke Students in their recruitment efforts.

Fall OCI

Duke Law’s OCI program consists of three segments for interviewing rising 2Ls and 3Ls. Segment I will be held July 29 - August 1, 2019 at the Washington Duke Inn. Segment II and Government & Public Interest OCI will be held at the law school, with interviews starting on August 26, 2019. Registration for 2019 OCI will open in February 2019 via SymplicityLearn more about Fall OCI here.

Resume Collects and Virtual Recruiting

If you are unable to attend OCI but would like to collect applications from rising 2L and rising 3L students at Duke Law, you may register for a summer resume collect under the OCI tab in Symplicity starting in late February each year. Summer resume collects are addressed by students as part of OCI, with deadlines available in June and July.

Resume Collect packets will be available after 1pm ET on the day of your selected deadline. There is no fee to participate. Employers who wish to conduct video interviews with resume collect candidates may contact Susan Anderson for assistance. Learn more about resume collects here.

Duke Law Networking Receptions

Duke Law CPDC and the Alumni & Development Office partner with regional groups and employers each summer to host networking receptions for alumni, students and employer representatives in cities across the U.S. This is a great opportunity to connect with current Duke Law students and Duke alumni. More information and registration will be announced soon.

Job Postings

For questions about our interview programs, please contact Erin Biggerstaff, Director, Recruitment & Employer Relations.  For assistance with job postings, please contact Susan Anderson.

Spring Interview Program

Our Spring Interview Program (SIP) is 100% preselect and there is no fee to participate. Registration opens December 2019 for interview dates in February 2020. Employers may interview all class levels. Learn more about the Spring Interview Program here.

Job Fairs and Consortium Programs

Duke Law students participate in many job fairs throughout the United States, including SEMJF, the Equal Justice Works Conference and Career Fair, SIPJF, Loyola, and Lavender Law.

Duke Law CPDC also participates in the North Carolina Legal Interview Program.

Contact Us

For questions about our interview programs, please contact Erin Biggerstaff, Director, Recruitment & Employer Relations. For assistance with job postings, please contact Susan Anderson  .