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Duke Law CPDC offers two programs over the summer for private sector recruitment of rising 2Ls and rising 3Ls: the Pre-OCI Resume Collect Program and OCI Segment I. Our OCI Segment I Program is scheduled through a 100% lottery process and is designed to provide an efficient interview process for employers and offices hiring later in the summer, with CPDC-hosted virtual interviews running from July 30 – August 2, 2024. In addition to these programs, employers are also encouraged to follow up directly throughout the summer with students whom they have met during the 1L year.

Many offices choose to participate in both the Pre-OCI Resume Collect Program and in OCI Segment I. The CPDC will advise students that unless they receive an explicit rejection from that office or have interviewed with that office earlier in the summer (or with any office of the firm if multiple screening interviews are not allowed), they may apply again via OCI.

Employer registration for 2024 OCI Segment I opens at 12 noon ET on March 11, 2024. Dates and details below are subject to change prior to that date. If you have questions about policies or participation, please contact Erin Biggerstaff.

Recruiting Policies

Please review our Recruiting Policies & Guidelines before registering for OCI Segment I.

Employers recruiting at Duke Law should review Duke University's full Non-Discrimination Policy and check the section in your OCI Schedule Request labeled "Duke University School of Law Non-Discriminatory Policy" to affirm your organization's compliance.

Grading of Academic Performance: Duke Law School does not release class rank and uses a slightly modified form of the familiar 4.0 scale. For more information, please review Duke Law School’s full Grading Policy.

Key Dates for OCI Segment I

  • March 11: employer registration opens (12pm noon ET).
  • Rolling basis, starting late March: registration confirmations and notifications of assigned interview dates.
  • May 2: recommended employer registration deadline.
  • May 6: OCI employer list released to students.
  • July 3: final deadline for employer registration via Symplicity (email to inquire about registration after this date).
  • July 5: recommended deadline for any schedule changes.
  • July 8 – 15: student bidding period.
  • July 25: interview schedules and application material packets available to employers via Symplicity by 5pm ET.
  • July 30 – August 2: OCI interview dates.

Registering for OCI Segment I

Employer registration for 2024 OCI Segment I opens via Symplicity at 12 noon ET on March 11, 2024. Please follow these steps:

  1. Login to Duke Law Symplicity and navigate to the “OCI” section.
  2. Select “Schedule Request” sub-section and click the “Request a Schedule” button.
  3. If possible, make sure the “registering office” is an office participating in the interview schedule.
  4. Under the “Recruiting Session” dropdown menu, select “OCI Segment I 2024 (Virtual Interviews).”
  5. If the schedule is for more than one office, please click “yes” under “Include Related Offices” - you will be able to choose which offices to add to the schedule further down in the registration request form under “Interview Slot Assignments.” You may also use the “Additional Locations” box to indicate the office which the schedule is for if you were unable to select an appropriate office as the “Registering” office in step 3 (in which case, please let us know if the “registering office” should NOT be included in the schedule) or if any needed offices are not populated under the “Interview Slot Assignments” section.
  6. Under the “Allow students multiple interviews” section, please select “yes” if your organization allows students to screen with more than one office (if the student should be allowed have more than one screening interview if interested in more than one office location). Please select “no” if students should screen with your organization only once, even if interested in multiple office locations.
  7. You may request preferred interview dates, but please note that Interview date assignments for OCI Segment I will cycle each year. For example, employers that were assigned to the first or second available interview day in 2023 will be assigned to the third or fourth interview day in 2024. While we cannot guarantee employer interview date preferences for OCI Segment I, we will do our best to accommodate your date and scheduling preferences when possible.
  8. If you have special scheduling needs, please include your preferences in the “scheduling notes” section. Full day schedules will by default start at 8:30am ET, but we can accommodate your schedule to start at 9:20am ET, 9:45am ET, 10:10am ET, or 10:35am ET if you have interviewers based in different time zone.
  9. Select your if you want a full day schedule (21 interview slots), half day morning schedule (10 slots) or half day afternoon schedule (11 slots).
  10. If the schedule is for more than one office and you have selected “yes” under “Include Related Offices,” You will see an “Interview Slot Assignments” section. Please use this section to select offices to include on the schedule and to indicate your preferences for your schedule set-up. If you are unsure how to properly set up your preferences, you may provide clarification on your preferences in the “scheduling notes” section (also referenced in step 8).
  11. Fill out the remaining information requested, check the “policy affirmation” box, then click “submit.” If you have questions or need assistance with your schedule request or with setting up your schedules, please email Erin Biggerstaff.

Program Logistics

OCI Segment I interviews are assigned 100% via a lottery process. Interviews will be conducted virtually via Flo Recruit. You can learn more about Flo Recruit on the Flo Recruit Help Pages. Additional program logistics will be provided when your schedule and interview date is confirmed.

Policies and Fees for OCI Segment I

Interview Date Assignments

Interview date assignments for OCI Segment I will cycle each year. For example, employers that were assigned to the first or second available interview day in 2023 will be assigned to the third or fourth interview day in 2024. While we cannot guarantee employer interview date preferences for OCI Segment I, we will do our best to accommodate your date and scheduling needs when possible. If you have special scheduling needs (such as interview time slots better suited to your time zone or a preference to split your interviews over more than one day), please include those in your schedule notes when registering, or email Erin Biggerstaff.

Schedule Fees

  • 1 to 99 attorney organizations: no charge
  • 100 or more attorney organizations: $500 per virtual room (same fee regardless of half day or full day)


Please review our cancellation policy below in advance of submitting your OCI schedule / hospitality suite request. Invoices will be sent to the contact listed on the OCI schedule via email starting in late March 2024. Fees are due two weeks from the receipt of your invoice.

Please make your check payable to Duke University School of Law and mail it to:
Susan Anderson
210 Science Drive, Box 90367
Durham, NC 27708-0367

Questions about invoicing and payment can be directed to Susan Anderson.

OCI Segment I Cancellation Policy

  • Early cancellations (made prior to 12 noon ET, May 2, 2024) are eligible for a full refund or full waiver of outstanding invoice.
  • Late cancellations (made prior to 12 noon ET, July 3, 2024) are eligible for a half refund or 50% waiver to outstanding invoice.
  • Fees for cancellations made after 12 noon ET, July 3, 2024 are not refundable. Outstanding invoice fees will not be waived after this date.

Cover Letters and Transcripts

Due to the volume of employers participating in OCI Segment I, employers may not request cover letters or statements of interest from students at any point during the OCI Segment I process. Employers are allowed to request unofficial transcripts, writing samples, and/or references during OCI Segment I bidding. These documents, if requested, will be downloadable from Symplicity when schedules are released on July 25, 2024. Student documents will not be accessible via Flo Recruit for OCI Segment I.

Online Assessments

Employers utilizing online assessment tools (such as Thine or Suited) may either post links to these assessments via the OCI schedule page in Symplicity, or may contact candidates directly after OCI schedules are released on July 25, 2024. However, employers can not require that students complete these assessments prior to the OCI screening interview.

Questions & Schedule Changes

If you have any questions or need to make any changes to your schedule after approval, please email Erin Biggerstaff.

Additional 2024 Recruitment Opportunities:

  • Duke Law Pre-OCI Resume Collects (Private Sector): Our Pre-OCI Resume Collect Program is designed to provide maximum flexibility to match the diverse hiring timelines of different employers and offices, with student application deadlines available in June and July. Employers will contact applicants directly to arrange interviews at their mutual convenience throughout the summer.
  • Government & Public Interest OCI (GPI OCI): Government & Public Interest employers may interview students through this program during the fall and spring semesters. There is no fee to participate.
  • OCI Segment II (Private Sector): Employers preferring later interview dates may register for OCI Segment II. Segment II interviews may be scheduled after classes begin in late August and may be conducted as virtual or in-person interviews.
  • Posting via the Jobs Tab in Symplicity: Private sector employers preferring a later hiring timeline for 2Ls and 3Ls may post positions at any point during the academic year (August – May) via the Jobs Tab in Symplicity. Government & Public Interest employers may post positions via the jobs tab year-round. Private sector employers opting to accept rising 2L applications from the 1L class prior to June of the 1L year may submit postings under the “Job Postings” tab to be viewable to students during the spring semester. Please make sure these postings are clearly marked with the relevant start date, e.g. “2025 2L Summer Associate.”
  • Post-OCI Resume Books (Private Sector): Employers that participated in the Pre-OCI Resume Collect Program or in OCI Segment I that would like to see additional candidates for summer 2025 hiring needs may reach out to Erin Biggerstaff from August 5 – 30 for tailored, efficient outreach to our students via our counseling team.

What's Being Said About the Duke Interviewing Process

I think that the Duke OCI process is one of the best law school recruiting processes in the country. The students are well prepared, professional and informed. They have obviously taken time to think about choosing to interview with our Firm beyond just the name or viewing us as “just another” firm. Further, the Duke career counselors are without exception the most attentive and finest staff at any law school in the country at which I have conducted interviews. They are not concerned about just getting a student a job but rather finding them a career in an environment in which they have an opportunity to have long term success. A breath of fresh air.

- National Hiring Partner, AmLaw 100 Law Firm

Questions about Interviewing?

Email Erin Biggerstaff

Accessing Symplicity

Go to the Symplicity Web site and enter your username (full email address) and password.

If you did not receive a password from our office or no longer have this information, please click the "FORGOT MY PASSWORD" tab at the top of the Symplicity login page, and your password will be sent to your email, or email Susan Anderson.