Recruiting Policies

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Employers recruiting at Duke Law should review Duke University's full Anti-Discrimination Policy and check the section in your Symplicity OCI Schedule/ Job Posting Requests labeled "Duke University School of Law Anti-Discriminatory Policy" to affirm your organization's compliance.

Scholastic Standing and Grading Policy

The Law School does not release class rank. Duke Law School uses a slightly modified form of the familiar 4.0 scale. The modification permits faculty to recognize especially distinguished performances with grades above a 4.0. The highest grade given is 4.3. A grade of 1.5 or lower is failing. The median grade for all first- year and upper level courses of 40 or more students is 3.3. For more information, please review our full Grading Policy

NALP Guidelines

Students and Employers participating in recruiting at Duke Law School are expected to comply with the NALP Principles and Standards.

1L Recruiting

In accordance with NALP Principles and Standards, the CPDC does not offer one-on-one career counseling or document review to 1L students prior to October 15. Employers and 1L students should not initiate contact with one another before December 1. All offers to 1L students for summer employment should remain open for at least two weeks after the date the offer is made.

Standards for Timing of Offers and Decisions

In addition to the standards outlined in NALP Guidelines that candidates should not hold open more than five offers of employment at any one time, Duke Law students are strongly encouraged and actively counseled to hold open no more than two offers of employment at any one time.

Policies for Pre-Screening

Fall OCI: Fall OCI interviews at Duke Law are assigned by a lottery algorithm based on student bid rankings and availability. Employers may not pre-screen candidates for fall OCI. Employers are encouraged to include detailed hiring criteria on their OCI schedules. Employers may not request transcripts, writing samples nor cover letters during the Fall OCI bidding process. Duke Law students are advised to include their GPA on their resume and are encouraged to bring printed copies of their transcript to all OCI interviews. We cannot accommodate requests for cover letters for Fall OCI screening interviews.

Resumes of students who did not receive interviews through the lottery, but who have reaffirmed their interest, will be available. To add students from your waitlist onto your schedule, please contact Erin Biggerstaff.

Spring Interview Program: Employers participating in the Spring Interview Program (SIP) may pre-screen candidates. Employers may request writing samples, cover letters and transcripts in addition to resumes during the SIP bidding process.

Interview Program Cancellation Policy

Registration fees and hospitality suite fees for Fall OCI are non-refundable. Schedule fees for OCI Segment I early cancellations (made by 12pm ET, May 18, 2018) are eligible for a full refund. Schedule fees for OCI Segment I late cancellations (made by 12pm ET, July 6, 2018) are eligible for a half refund. There are no fees associated with the Spring Interview Program or Public Interest & Government OCI. All employer cancellation requests must be made at least one week prior to your interview date.

Callback Policies

Upper-level classes will begin August 22, 2018. All employers recruiting Duke Law students should refrain from scheduling callbacks during OCI Segment I interview dates. Employers participating in OCI Segment I are encouraged to conduct callback interviews during the designated callback weeks of August 3-21, 2018.

For questions about our recruiting policies, please email Erin Biggerstaff, Manager, Recruitment & Employer Relations or Adriane Kyropoulos, Director, Recruitment & Employer Relations.  

Public Interest & Government employers may contact Bethan Eynon,Career Counselor for Government & Public Interest, or Stella BoswellAssistant Dean, Career and Professional Development Center, Director, Office of Public Interest Advising.