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Vault's Career Insider lists reviews of legal employers by those who have worked or are working with a particular employer. This information is useful but should be treated with caution as the source may not be reliable.

PLC for Students

PLC for Students is a law firm research tool for top law firms in the United States. PLC offers information concerning areas of expertise at individual firms, market overviews by region, and user friendly graphics that help to illustrate market leaders in various legal practices. PLC also offers advice and instructional guides for students such the Summer Associate Survival Guide . To learn more, visit the PLC For Students Webpage.


Chambers Associate is an online resource for researching top U.S. law firms. This resource provides up to date information about top law firms including practice areas, attorneys, and law firm culture. An exciting new web-publication, Chambers Associate offers in-depth, unbiased publishing. Chambers Associate offers information submitted directly from firms, while also offering detailed data from Chambers. For more information, visit Chambers-Associate (no login required).


Job Search Websites

The National Association for Legal Career Professionals has a website for public interest jobs ( It lists career fairs, places to apply for funding for a public interest job and more. PSJD is a free resource for law students and alumni to search among thousands of public interest job opportunities and employer profiles. It also contains links to many other resources for finding jobs with a more particular focus (Native American Issues, Women's Issues, etc.) Students create their own username and password upon registering with


OSCAR is the On-line System for Clerkship Application & Review. This is the federal website that lists available clerkship positions within the federal court system. Aside from listing available positions, OSCAR also allows applicants to apply through the website, and provides valuable information concerning clerkships, contacting chambers, and working for the federal government. Applicants can create their own login information to access OSCAR from the homepage at:

Vermont Law Guide

The Guide to State Judicial Clerkships contains detailed information about judicial clerkships around the country and up-to-date contact information. The Guide is available on-line, can be printed from its web site, and will be updated and kept current on a regular basis.

To access the Guide to State Judicial Clerkships visit

Please contact the Career Center for Login ID & Password.

The Government Honors and Internship Handbook (also known as the Arizona Guide)

If you are interested in applying for summer internship programs or government honors programs for a post-graduate position, you should read the Government Honors and Internship Handbook (also known as the Arizona Guide), available at The Handbook also lists some state and local government positions. There is an appendix at the end that lists positions by class year and all post-graduate positions. For the username and password necessary to access the guide, please contact the career center.