About Us

student with career counselorProviding educational opportunities to Duke students is the cornerstone of our approach. The goal of all student related educational opportunities is to translate our experience and that of seasoned legal professionals into knowledge that can be readily applied by our students and graduates.




Career Exploration and Professional Development Programming

Our office strives to educate students on the wide variety of employment options available to them, both nationally and internationally. Students and alumni find employment with firms, judges, state and federal governments, and public interest employers.

Many of the best educational opportunities are created by students with school support; students employ the Blueprint values and develop significant programs that respond to specific needs. Students, alumni, professionals and employers who wish to collaborate in developing future programming should email the Career Center at careercenter@law.duke.edu.

Counseling: Customized for you

The Career Center team is committed to "getting to know" every Duke Law Student. Starting with participation in admitted students events and, followed by 1L Orientation, the Career Center team is integrated into all aspects of the student experience at Duke. All 1L students are strongly encouraged to meet with a counselor during their first few months of school. For some students, one meeting is all they want or need; others meet with a counselor almost weekly throughout their time at Duke. The Career & Professional Development Center is proud to maintain a staff of experienced career counselors who are available to provide assistance to students in all stages of their job search.

Come by the Office (Room 2015) or email the Career Center Coordinator (careercenter@law.duke.edu) to make an appointment to speak with a counselor.


The Career & Professional Development Center is available to students and graduates of other law schools who request the use of our office resources through the administration of their own law school career services office. Decisions regarding reciprocity are made on a case-by-case basis, as limited resources and space do not allow us to accommodate all requests.

Please note the following rules and conditions relating to reciprocity:

  • During the school year, access to library resources is granted only to graduates seeking lateral transfer and to third-year students who are seeking permanent employment in North Carolina

The above services will be made available provided that:

  • The request for services is made in writing by an official of the student/graduate's career office at least one week in advance of the visit, with the provision that no more than three requests for reciprocity have been made to Duke within a three-month period of time by that school;
  • The student or graduate is from a law school outside of North Carolina and has not received reciprocity from another North Carolina law school; and
  • The request for assistance does not coincide with the Fall On-Campus Recruiting Season (approximately August 1 to December 1).
  • Students and graduates of other law schools are not permitted to schedule interviews with prospective employers interviewing at Duke Law School.
  • Students and graduates of other law schools will not be provided with access to employment opportunities that the Career Center retains in its offices only.
  • The agreement to offer reciprocal services is valid for three months.
  • Requests for reciprocal services at Duke University School of Law should be addressed to:

    Career & Professional Development Center
    Duke University School of Law
    210 Science Drive
    Box 90367
    Durham, North Carolina 27708-0367