Resources and Links

Organizations Working in North Carolina

  • The Community Reinvestment Association of North Carolina is a statewide advocacy organization that works on the issues of community reinvestment and fair lending.
  • MDC is a research, training and policy development organization.
  • The North Carolina Association of Community Development Corporations is the trade association for community development corporations ("CDC"s) in North Carolina.
  • The North Carolina Community Development Initiative is a statewide intermediary that provides financial and technical assistance to high-performing CDCs.
  • The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency provides a wide array of financing programs to affordable housing developers.
  • The North Carolina Institute of Minority Economic Development provides financial and technical assistance, as well as other services, to support the expansion of minority-owned businesses.
  • The North Carolina Low-Income Housing Coalition is a statewide organization that advocates for the expansion of resources for affordable housing, conducts research and policy development and supports the development and activities of local affordable housing groups.
  • The North Carolina Minority Support Center is a statewide intermediary that provides financial and technical assistance to minority-owned credit unions.
  • The North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center is a statewide nonprofit that works to promote traditional and community economic development in rural areas.
  • Self-Help is a statewide community development financial institution and its affiliated nonprofit entities.

Regional and National Organizations

  • The Center for Community Change is an intermediary that provides technical assistance to local community development organizations and also conducts research and policy advocacy.
  • The Community Development Venture Capital Association is the national trade association for community development venture capital funds.
  • The Corporation for Enterprise Development is a research and policy development organization that concentrates on strategies for building individual and community wealth.
  • The Enterprise Foundation conducts an array of activities that support local CED activities.
  • The Local Initiatives Support Corporation provides debt and equity foundation, as well as technical assistance to local CED organizations.
  • The National Congress for Community Economic Development is the national trade association for CDCs and other CED organizations.
  • The National Community Reinvestment Association is the national trade association for community reinvestment advocates. It also conducts research and federal policy advocacy.
  • The National Economic Development and Law Center is the national backup center for legal services programs working in the area of CED.
  • The National Low-Income Housing Coalition is a national non-profit focused on research and policy advocacy on issues related to affordable housing.
  • The Southern Rural Development Initiative is a regional non-profit that provides financial and technical assistance to CED organizations working in the southeast.

Selected Federal Government Sites

  • The CDFI Fund is a branch of the Department of Treasury and, among other things, it administers the New Markets Tax Credit Program.
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is the federal agency that administers many of the nation's community development programs.
  • The Internal Revenue Service has a key role with respect to tax-exempt organizations and several important tax credit programs.
  • Rural Development is located within the U.S. Department of Agriculture and it coordinates many of the nation's rural economic and housing development programs.