11th Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies (CELS)

Duke Law School, Durham, North Carolina

November 18-19, 2016


The 11th Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies (CELS) will bring together scholars from law, economics, political science, psychology, policy analysis and other fields who are interested in the empirical analysis of law and legal institutions.

Over one hundred papers and more than 30 posters on topics such as criminal law and policy, corporate governance, judicial decision-making, intellectual property and law and psychology, will be selected through a peer review process and will be presented at the conference. Papers will be presented in panels, with assigned commenters for each paper, and opportunities for audience discussion.

The 2016 Conference on Empirical Legal Studies is sponsored and hosted by Duke Law School.

2016 Conference Co-Presidents

Program Committee

Mathew D. McCubbins Michael Bradley, Duke University
Stuart M. Benjamin Alon Brav, Duke University
Barak Richman Aaron Chatterji, Duke University
  James Cox, Duke University
  John de Figueiredo, Duke University
  Elisabeth deFontenay, Duke University
  Scott de Marchi, Duke University
  Ofer Eldar, Duke University
  Nita Farahany, Duke University
  Michael Frakes, Duke University
  Sara Greene, Duke University
  Lisa Kern Griffin, Duke University
  Mitu Gulati, Duke University
  Ehud Guttel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  Jonathan Katz, California Institute of Technology
  Jack Knight, Duke University
  Tracy Lewis, Duke University
  Pino Lopomo, Duke University
  Florencia Marotta-Wurgler, New York University
  Jeff McMullin, Indiana University
  Arti Rai, Duke University
  David Rohde, Duke University
  Mark Turner, Case Western University
  Georg Vanberg, Duke University
  Neil Vidmar, Duke University




Parking will be available in the 751 Parking Garage. Permits will be given out for all day parking in this lot. The parking garage is accessible off of Cameron Blvd. (also known as 751). This parking lot is located on the corner of Cameron Blvd. and Science Dr. For further information, please see the Parking Map.


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Point of Contact

Victoria Zellefrow
(919) 613-8545